Zeenat Fatima Poems

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I Miss You

I miss you when I start my day
I miss you and your every way
I miss you wherever I go
I miss you in my work I do


Love, love, love
Everythings' above.
Needs faith and care
Betwixt the pairs.

He Is Everywhere

Wide WIDE as the OCEAN,
High as the HEAVEN'S above,
Deep, deep as the DEEPEST SEA,
Is my sweetheart's LOVE..

I Am Bad

I came to know I am so bad,
This is the reason why I am sad.
I hurt them and I always fight,
That's why my days are not so bright.


Nature is a world of fascinated things,
which is never boring.
Gives freshness to the humans and birds,
Hence, adds life to the whole world.

The Rich And The Poor..

There are two kinds of people in this world,
Some are rich while some are poor.
A rich man can maketh us dance on his finger,
But why we maintain distance from the poor?

My Family

My family is like my shadow,
who follows me where I go.
Who reduces my pain
Advices me again and again.


Money is a strong ring
Is placed higher than anything..

On one hand, it's a rich's tool

My Heart Was Broken...

My heart was broken
By the words unspoken,
No place to stand
No scene to stare

My Grandmother

My love for you will never die,
Your love for me does make me cry.
You were so beautiful
You shine like stars,