The Rich And The Poor.. Poem by Zeenat Fatima

The Rich And The Poor..

Rating: 2.3

There are two kinds of people in this world,
Some are rich while some are poor.
A rich man can maketh us dance on his finger,
But why we maintain distance from the poor?
A rich man's smile maketh us smile,
His sadness maketh us sad for a while,
His anger maketh us trembled with fear
But seeing a poor man we say, ' Just go from here! '
We enjoy the acting of an actor,
Then why no room in our heart for a beggar?
Let's come forward and take an oath
Not to distinguish between highs and lows,
Then only this world will be a peaceful place,
In which dwell people of all kinds of race.

Mohammad Muzzammil 05 November 2014

Very simple but true. Expression is quite praisrworthy how you poured down your heart kn the page that has become a sad but lovely poem.

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Kanav Justa 06 December 2012

so wisely written, , , nice

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Zeenat Fatima 18 September 2012

Thank u Hazel.. Ya it's true to life.. Shukria Taahir..

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Hazel Durham 16 September 2012

Wonderful write! ! So true to life, good rhythm and flow to it, i really enjoyed it.

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Saadat Tahir 30 December 2011

a value poem.... great ideas well put be happy :)

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