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let me think about that moment
let me realize every move I did it
it happened so slow

if I were u

the moment of truth would be known
the person who cares about u how can be thrown?

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let me think about that moment
let me realize every move I did it
it happened so slow
as feathers blow
you can see every move
and its dance on the air door
I saw a fallen apple and I caught it.
there is only one thing I can take it
there are a lot to think about them
there are many I have to change them

taking their life
and I will rule this World
and there will be
no vaillians living around

I Raised my hand trying to write
my name in the Damn Death Note

a lot of things happened and eclipsced
a broken bridge showed up with ropes flaccid
people appeared to let me fall
at this wide creepy valley hole
I gave up
there was no choice
you can't deter them away
there was no time to write their names

a freeky smile
from the shinigami
then I knew this is the Time
my legend is becoming so ugly
I killed many people in the name
of the god who Justifies

, , , ,
Shinigami = it is a japanese word I'm not sure of its spelling
it means the god of Death, , , or what we call it as the angle of Death

the name of the novel which I borrowed from it some ideas is Death Note
it is a japanese novel which turned to an Anime (Tv Show)

Simply it says' there was a Note which it is called Death Note dropped from the Shinigami word to the Human world
then a human cuaght this Note...and he discovered that if he writes any name the person who was meant will Die in a 40 sec by a heart attack or he can detrmine how he may die by writing the detials in the death note within 6 min and 4 sec
Shinigami like to eat apples that was mentioned in the novel and the shinigami must follow the death note holder untill he die or killed
because the shinigami lost it in this human word

then it began this legend by somone called lately Kera, , (Kera= Killer)

Kera was so smart by using this death note to exterminate the bad guys around the world
and he thought he will rule this world and he'll play the role of the god

then the governments notice that was sometthing wrong
the prisoners die without wornings by a heart attack

they thought about a proffessional killer may exist

then a detective called L, , the most intelegent guy, , , proved that was a killer called Kera existed
by a restricted TV show, , in a regoin in japan, this TV show was daring to Kera. kera watched the show then he killed the person who was talking in live and then L started to search about Kera

at the End if the death note holder entend to die the shinigami will write his name on the Death note

this is a fiction novel which get the millions admires

# one day I thought about the same idea of killing the vaillains around on the earth

so I wrote it to see how bad if I had this power

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