If I Were You Poem by Zero CoDe

If I Were You

Rating: 3.1

if I were u

the moment of truth would be known
the person who cares about u how can be thrown?
from ur mind and never appreciated him before
it would be known that is just a skit nothing more

dropped from ur mind as a myth
gone never came..in the Black list

I'm broken now by knowing all the facts
How did I Look at the sky...hopeful with cogitations,
saying love me or not, counting all the stars,
reaching to the seventh Heaven, playing GUITARS,
singing ur name with the most pretty tune,
talking with angels - How u r really like the moon
they envies u...why I'm loving you,
waiting every day the dew,
drawing ur symbol in a tattoo,
saying that I won't live without u
and I would die for keeping u
, , , ,
sacrificing by precious things I could ever have

honesty, loyalty and integrity that he has

wings, an angel face and a magic stick
flying up high and spreads rays for prick
I breath what he is giving off, when I'm sick
he heals me How could I contradict this?

generosity, perspicacity, Ideality and the Goodness
Express to the all creatures why I'm doing this

I'm shocked now by the truth
the five stages of Dying I have been through

by: Zero CoDe

Bassam Harby 25 November 2008

Thanks for the note ok Linda I will take care of that I will see it Taylor

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Linda Winchell 24 November 2008

I would suggest changing U to You and UR to Your or You're. Depending on the useage. Good write. Peace my brother in Christ! Linda

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 24 November 2008

Hello Zero. An interesting poem and enjoyable read. The word is you not u and your not ur I hope that helps. Loyd See my new poem An Old Soldier

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Bassam Harby 24 November 2008

Thanks Amy wait my next poem

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<font color =fusha>Amy 24 November 2008

fantastic poem shows potential: P

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