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The world seems so huge to me
And life is like a race,
So much to learn and So much to do
Leaves hardly any time to laze.

The dawn of the new year had just arrived,
How happily we all bloomed! Like Flowers
Ready to face the day again
we had resolutions, eagerness, determination and desires.

Symbol of undying love
marvel in marble, white as dove
They say 'Wah Taj! Wah! '

That wonder of the world,

#Apple everyday #Doctor away

Writes a ten year old..
Grammar smirks,

Oh how to say...
how do I describe?
That am not here,
but there deep inside.

When you're sad or when you're sick
Don't just cry but try this trick
Laugh and laugh it's good for all
Laugh that does your problem solve

In the twilight of an beautiful eve
When the Sun is delicious red,
Comes a poodle for a walk
Along the river bed.

'A smile is a curve that sets things straight'

They say, I've heard
but now i wonder how fake they've become,

Make you feel sour,
They slap, hurt while teaching.
But to learn from them is a great

My mind
needs a shelter,
runs helter and skelter
from the fierce and raging storm,

The world will point out..
handle both well.

End of the day;
world slumbers in the dark.
Hopes of a brighter tomorrow,

Those sanguine people,
with passion in their eyes;
busily study
the microscopic clockwork mechanism-

on my shoulder,
of interrogations;
Turns into dust by the power

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" Passions and dreams are more powerful than facts and reality..")

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Angels On Earth

The world seems so huge to me
And life is like a race,
So much to learn and So much to do
Leaves hardly any time to laze.

But sparing some time,
In this rut of life
I sometime ponder and think,
That how gracious is the Lord
Who sent me, you, as a blessing.

As a philosopher, a guide, a friend, a teacher
God can't reach everywhere
So his angels, he sends down this earth
To her who needs special care.

Why this world is cruel and barbaric,
It maybe because of that
All the good has come to me,
taking your form, and I am glad.

You know clay, so sticky and porous
But when a pot is ready,
It becomes useful, when gets a shape
you're that potter to me.

I may mean nothing to the world,
But to me, you're the beginning of my world.

This is a special bond we share,
Which will break never
Oh its true that in the life to come thereafter
we will always be together.

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