Zubiya Surti

Zubiya Surti Poems

1. A Bitter Truth 3/31/2013
2. Night Sky(Haiku) 4/3/2013
3. Mistakes(Cinquain) 9/7/2013
4. Thoughts(Cinquain) 11/1/2013
5. Faults(Senryu) 6/12/2014
6. Anticipation 4/1/2015
7. That's How I See.... 4/22/2015
8. The Tremor 4/26/2015
9. Thanks To My Tears 5/16/2015
10. Faith (Cinquain) 5/31/2015
11. Rustle (Tanka Poem) 1/9/2016
12. Greet (Senryu) 6/8/2013
13. Sleeping Infant(Senryu) 6/5/2013
14. No Thanksgiving (Tanka) 8/9/2016
15. Magic 1/2/2017
16. Schizophrenia 2/8/2017
17. Unwritten Pages 2/8/2017
18. The Geometry Of Hope (Micro-Tale) 4/4/2017
19. First Rains (Haiku) 5/7/2013
20. Silence(Haiku) 4/2/2013
21. Laughter The Best Medicine 6/9/2012
22. Who Is Happier? 6/14/2012
23. The Difference 1/6/2013
24. #hashtags 1/28/2017
25. Jannana Hoga...... 4/6/2013
26. The Summer Sky (Haiku) 4/20/2016
27. Taj Mahal (Haiku Poem With Independent Haiku) 5/28/2013
28. A Tribute To Our Departed Principal 6/15/2012
29. Angels On Earth 6/24/2012
Best Poem of Zubiya Surti

Angels On Earth

The world seems so huge to me
And life is like a race,
So much to learn and So much to do
Leaves hardly any time to laze.

But sparing some time,
In this rut of life
I sometime ponder and think,
That how gracious is the Lord
Who sent me, you, as a blessing.

As a philosopher, a guide, a friend, a teacher
God can't reach everywhere
So his angels, he sends down this earth
To her who needs special care.

Why this world is cruel and barbaric,
It maybe because of that
All the good has come to me,
taking your form, and I am ...

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A Bitter Truth

'A smile is a curve that sets things straight'

They say, I've heard
but now i wonder how fake they've become,
Its difficult indeed for a true smile to come
now eyes have less feelings to express,
for now in the heart there's left only stress.

'People now hurry in a heat of hope'

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