Zumas Millamo Poems

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Rainy Season

Oh frog go away
Tonight we are wet with love
You Turr Turr is disturbing us

Cadeau D'anniversaire Pour Ma Sœur - Avec Amour

Quand j'ai demandé à la mer sur les Perles,
Il a ri et dit que c'est l'un de mes beaux bijoux.

Quand j'ai demandé sur la lumière au soleil!

The Sun Roof Top

On one sunny day when sky was so clear
I hit the road with confidence and no fear
my car sun roof is open with wind in my hair
flying on the wings of an eagle, beyond compare

9 To 11

Leave me alone from 9 to 11
I wish to be with myself,
See what I am.
No one is a better critic than self.

No Friendship - Life And Death

They are on opposite side
No hand shake no smile
They have time, very limited
We live on the edge of life

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