adheez van der beanthz

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adheez van der beanthz Poems

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17. The Rain, The Moon And The Night 6/14/2014
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27. Kilimanjaro 8/9/2013
28. Self-Reflection, Life Is Beautiful 2/17/2013
29. A Voice 6/12/2013
30. Last Kisses For Last Love 7/25/2013
31. Broken Mirror 12/18/2012
32. Soulmate 12/3/2013
33. A Gun, A Man And Rights For New Brand 7/25/2013
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A Gun, A Man And Rights For New Brand

a man with rights
a gun at his side
no reason to fight
act as a cowboy in the past

a gun, a man, and a wisdom
fire anyone, random
a car, a child, even a wall
rush to greet the deathly call

are we in war?
why blood flooding on my floor?
while the silent Parliament
still hold on in his old brand

a nation with its laws
all the world see your show
the rights of the gun
a player has some fun

until when this will end?
how many life have to be sent?
might you finally understand
and make a better amendment

a man who ...

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i has been pawn this heart
to a pieces of desire
and the face of freedom

i sell the rest of life
to the pity prayer hope
for the justice that persecuted

this soul will be confiscated
hung in the name of sins
from debt that never existed


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