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Carol Misses Shaun - Poem by Paola Degli Esposti

Around the table there are Sophie, Tony, Carol and Luke
and Mathilde makes her appearance, beautiful as always,
long red hairs that become curly in the lenghts.
Brightin green eyes and a smile, a smile that Luke remains
for a while astonished to admire her girlfriend.
' Good morning to you, Luke darling, i am happy you are back, what
a surprise and the guys, where are they?
Luke gives a shot of cough and answers to her: Mathilde, they
are working, everything was going on in an excellent way, so,
it was clear that my main thought was to prepare the ground
for what it will be after the recording.'
'Right.' Tony speaks.
' I am not of the same idea.' Carol points and her voice
comes out dry.
' Shaun surely needs your support in this moment although
he has clear ideas of what to do.'
and her voice comes out low.
i ve seen him moving in this new situation in an excellent
way, do not worry Carol, next week they are here with
the album.' Luke answers.
Carol keeps her lips sealed and takes a buiscuit from the tray
she looks at Mathilde near Luke.
She embraces him and gives a kiss on his cheek, he kisses her too
and says to the others: All right, now i am here
and first of all i would like examining those documents you talked to me
Tony, please i wait for you in the garden.'
Tony seems enthusiastic of the priority given to him and replies:
Of course, in a moment i am here back to you with everything.'
Sophie stands up and begins to order the table and
says to Carol: It is a fortune that today it is our free day so
we have all the time to talk to Luke about our project.'
' Yes, Sophie, yes, i am glad for you and Tony, i think that
today it is a beautiful day to get a walk outside on my own.'
Luke who was going towards the door to get out in the garden, he
stops after having heard Carol's words and says to her kindly:
Really? I tell you this instead, arriving here i have noticed that
the plants need water, i underline water, Miki has gone to work,
so Carol that's your duty.'
' Am i a gardener? Asks Carol and her voice comes out tough again.
' No, but you are the only one that today can do it, are you sorry
for it?
Carol throws the napkin on the table and replies: All right, all right,
all right.
' Air of storm, Carol? Luke asks noticing her reaction.
' No, not at all. Why do i have, all is perfect here and now you
are at home, what can we ask for more?
Luke eats the leaf and adds: But Shaun isn't, i am sorry Carolyne
you have to learn to wait when it is necessary and i do not tell you
more than this.
' What do you want to tell more than this, it is all the morning that
you talk, and talk and talk again, you are the only one talking here since you
you are back! '
Luke begins to pull his fingers, but he understands that Carol
needs to be assured of his affection and comphrension in this
moment, so he adds: In truth you can do it later if you need
to do a walk, now i go.
And Carol shuts up and leaves the sitting room to go upstairs.

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