Ramesh Shrestha

Ghost With Sign! - Poem by Ramesh Shrestha

I was sleeping in my home, alone,
Then woke up by the, sound of groan,
I woke up with my, eyes rubbing,
And heard someone, loud sobbing,
When I looked straight in dark,
I saw a white shadow, such a sharp,
Ohh! ! Was it a ghost, or just a dream,
I looked up close with my eyes cleaned,
It was the REAL GHOST that came in!

I was such scared, and about to flee,
Then I saw something in its hand,
Holding a paper with its palm,
With a SIGN, of someone,
When I looked to the writings,
I saw something interesting!
Ohh! ! it was the SIGN, of my DEAR SIS,
Staying far away, whom I miss,

Then I asked the ghost, reason,
Of crying and of the groan,
It told me that, it was sent,
By my dear sis, that had went,
The reason of, the crying,
Was the separation of two siblings,
One sitting to the, far east,
And another to the, far west,
It told me that it was sent,
To know about the, my present,

My eyes were, filled with tears,
My heart was, in despair,
Reminding my sis, so sweet,
Who was in the, far street,

I told it, to tell her,
Not to worry and have no fear,
I am here fit and fine,
And doing good job, of mine,
I will one day, come to you,
And sing and play and dance with you,

And to tell her, in sweet voice that,
I am eating much, to be fat,
And tell her to take care,
Of herself and, don’t get scared,

So bidding goodbye and smile,
The ghost went out in style,
To the far, far away,
Where my dear sis stay,

It may now, have told her,
Of the meeting, and,
That I have conferred,
My sis must be happy now,
And must have been saying, WOW………

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 31, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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