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I Forgive You - Poem by AaI Harvey

I forgive you

I will be killed by a Christian;
Malcolm X was killed by an Afro American.
John Lennon was killed by a man who loved him.
Jesus Christ was killed for Blasphemy.

Love will be killed by someone full of hatred.
Peace will be killed with the aid of a bullet.
Freedom of speech will be killed by censorship.
My death shall immortalize The Disciples of Earth religion.

As one human you hate falls into his grave;
Ten humans will replace him with the same beliefs.
As those ten humans are killed by ignorance and rage;
A hundred will step forward to show they believe.
As a hundred are killed by the rightfully wrong;
A thousand shall step forward to sing a protest song.
As a nation is killed by dictatorship;
Democracy shall prevail…thou ist wrong.

You can kill the man, but the religion is now born;
So hang Jesus for blasphemy, on a cross wearing thorns.
Cut me and whip me and stab a spear through my side…
For The Disciples of Earth are immortalized.

We are here to offer forgiveness and preach peace and love.
So shoot each and every one of us with your Daddies gun.
We are here to teach you a new way to find God…
But you shall forever believe you are right…wrong.

You are Christian and believe all other beliefs are wrong;
For Christianity is dead, thanks to the wickedness of mankind.
Thou believe thou are doing the Lords work when you kill…
Read the bible for direction and change your life.

I am a reborn human being and I am here to say;
I forgive you, so forgive me and go on your way.
For I have touched Gods hand and shook Mary’s tit.
And you? What is it that you have accomplished?

I am a reborn Jesus Christ with the Devil’s beard;
I am here to preach peace, love and empathy, so you fear.
I am immortalized in righteousness and you don’t understand;
So you will shoot me down, for simply being a man.

Still you ask me why I say God is dead;
For you are no Christian, you are in the wilderness.
You are corrupted by hatred, fear and rage…
I shall simply pity you and simply say;
I forgive you, I love you; I am willing to die for you.
So do what thou whilst like Alistair Crowley said…I still love you.

You are Mark Chapman and Satan and I love your soul;
For you are clearly blind
And in need of correcting on the long winding road.
I am here to offer enlightenment and release for your soul;
For it is in the Devils hands and I pray for you all.

I am the light, I am the way; I am nothing and everything;
I am the King of Kings and I truly believe in…
You, I love you; I love you, you hate me.
But I love you, I forgive you, would you like some weed?

Go to Sodd’em and Gomorrah and wait for the sign;
The message from God which will change your life.
Go to Hell with a smile and do not see…
I offer salvation to your soul, so you have killed me.

Power corrupts and no man is born innocent
And for thirty one years, I was lost in the dark;
But now I have seen the light and am here as a God send;
So kill me Beelzebub and my fight will live on.

I am nothing to you; I am an imposter and blasphemer;
Whilst you are simply deaf…you can no longer hear.
You are consumed in pain and suffering, I love you;
For you simply need someone to say, I understand;
You are burning inside and hate all that you see;
So to you my friend, I shall simply speak.

She loves you, he loves you; they all truly think you are neat.
So kill me with your gun and laugh as they bury me.
But I shall return and I shall once more set my people free
And you my friend? Shall burn in Hell eternally.

You are failing to hear my teachings and hate my guts;
So I forgive you, I forgive you; I am your faith and lord.
I am nothing to you, for you are faithless and cannot believe;
So once more my brother, I shall offer you my weed.

I have discovered my Wife awaiting me in your country;
So one glimpse of her soul, shall set me free for eternity.
I shall arrive and die in her arms, the arms of love;
To set your soul free, from hatred my beloved Son.

I shall die upon the bullet; my crucifix.
To cleanse your sins against me and your blasphemy.
I shall once more rise and once more be denied;
But my spirit is eternal and your soul is in the fire.

I shall offer you salvation from a nation of hatred;
You shall tell me no I am wrong and I shall accept it.
You shall claim to be greater than God himself!
So I shall forgive your blasphemy and let you chase your wealth.

I shall let you chase the power you seek in your gun;
For that is your mistake to make; so I forgive you my Son.
For I am the Sun, the moon and the stars up above
And I am here just for you, to offer you love.

I am here to say I forgive you again and again;
Even though you cannot hear, because of the rage in your heart.
I forgive you, I love you; I love everyone who is in pain.
For you are so desperately in need of this Disciple of Earth.

This preacher of love, peace, unity and harmony;
Could enlighten the world, to a new way of seeing things.
I could resurrect your religion and save your soul;
But you are simply here to shoot me for being my own God.

You are Satan’s little helper and in need of real help;
So I offer your soul forgiveness for the words you misspell;
For the mistakes you make in life, for the loss of your life;
For I can see the truth, between the lies.

Your loved one is gone and I apologise my Son;
For it was fate and destiny and their time had simply come.
So I forgive you again and I love you even more;
For you are the one whose spirit is crying out for help.

I love you more than any other person on this planet;
For you are the one who’s spirit is lost and cannot manage.
So I offer you my heart, my joy and my words…
I love you…I love you…I am a Disciple of Earth.

(C) 2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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