Alexander Coppedge

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Simply - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

In aims to inspire others, I a turtle under pressures, my first to be is stop my living in mud: my head to pop out.

A set aim like a hawk in watch of brethren, hunger as them as worms; claw in grip: them flips in strides.

A weasel curled to combat, it to fight dispute odds, my aim is to beat foe's evils: what of all, should I be?

Maybe need is a big wind, its gust swirls slither land; or me a fish among others: I float with them in ocean.

Ideal figure to be in life, he must be kind, wise in views, him to protect all creatures acclaimed; my hopes as me.

His' faith chosen choice to protect others, good aimed heart, righteous carrier of God's virtues to free.

His honest comforts a glad seen welcomed, claims of care not by him: his by deeds earned by others say.

Lad is beloved by all, joy being around said about him, helper to aid not take from poor; him bless others.

I proposed this view him to defend from evil, intents not to harm poor: a good choice is a form like me.

Phantom no name or face known by others, I spot a friend in droplets; I pass waving glad hi: ignore me.

A speaker with wisdom, God truth spoken by His Son, words heal wounds; His kind awoken thoughts.

Son in all degrees, him able to aid the down trodden poor; my selected choice as this man generous, indeed.

I wish him to give riches of health, a surge in hearts in pounds, timeless healer him to make them strong.

Him to fill needy requests as not harvested field with pleasures, green crops full blossomed: food for them.

Acres having eatables, its growths are able to feed the world starving: its valleys end world's hunger pain.

Intent beyond dream, my real in thought-provoking views alive: I by my words wipe tears with truth.

To be is my quest, I not to be its sad reality, fool aims aside to those needed: true values to happen now.

I in conflict am pounded by lies, a lighthouse to stand bright, my beam is out to attract others to shore.

In my desires brethren in a march from dungeon free; our victory is acquired: our host lead out of hell's grave.

Intent in would be person solely personal, beliefs to die chosen; infant is birth of vision: him a life ray as sun.

Sightless shadows can not hurt efforts, my turns in confusion, foe no regards: world's rulers that starve.

I try to catch people's ears to issues, music played by words to them: report for them to read on pad.

Notes hit evil its sound from heaven, warm alms not as Jesus' shadow said: paths in death courses.

Countless strokes plucked I do daily on instrument, I write in depth of silence, aim world combat enemy.

Us in smiles as God watch us become family, reason of our fight just; ready to war: host defeat kill machine.

My fingers fade from vision, them etching notes visible; out of all stated a defender for others rights of liberties.

Topic(s) of this poem: human nature

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Note. Chapter Project Endurance; Endeavors of Life: We all have our trials we have to encounter living life. Change in situation events to alter set place position, we having with flip new terms to come to consider, choices we to view to take in life path course; us as we grow in its existence. But, no matter what choice made by us; we hold the bottom line to all things acclaimed.

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