Apache Indian

Boom Shack-a-lak (nuff Vibes)

Boom shack-a-lak a what the people them want
Woman them a flex and the man them a chant
Ca the '60s style it have fe comeback
Draw fe your bell-bottom
Block heel and frock
Boom shack-a-lak rude boy
Here when we tell them now sir

Wine your body wriggle your belly
Dip and go down in a new stylee
Wine and go up wine and go down
Bubble and a rock in the new style around
You fe line it up
You fe wine it up
Do the boom shack-a-lak
Till the dancehall full up

The boom shack-a-lak it are the brand new style
Wicked say it wicked Jah Jah no say it wild
The raggamuffin style fe the discipline child
Dip and go down ca it well versatile
You fe move fe your waist move fe your back
Wine and go down
Do the shack-a-lak-a-lak
Get in a groove ca you are the top notch
Bubble and a wine gal right pon the spot

Wine your body ...

Me say the gal pon the left no she truly design
Watch how she bubble and watch how she wine
Back she front she a moveshe waistline
Tell a boy say that the gal say she mine
Mine she mine can we rock it in a time
Everybody join in when she give the sign

Wine your body ...

The English gal a do the boom shack-a-lak
The American gal
A do the boom shack-a-lak
The Indian posse a do the boom shack-a-lak
The yardy gal
A do the boom shack-a-lak
The Japanese gal a do the boom shack-a-lak
And the German gal a do the boom shack-a-lak

Wine your body ...


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