Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Feelings Poems

Flower Feelings 1 - Romantic Red Rose

Am I blessed to be born as a rose?
Adored as the flower of romantic love!

Adolescent bloom of passionate embraces,

Flower Feelings 8 - Dance Like Red Roses

Dance, dance!
Merged in dance,
Mesmerised by dance,
Dance like red roses!

Flower Feelings 9 - Grow Flowers - Throw Weeds

Grow flowers in your mind,
Let the mind look beautiful!
Throw the weeds off your mind,
Let the mind be ever joyful!

Flower Feelings 10 -Frangipani! O Frangipani!

Frangipani! O Frangipani!
Framed against the blues skies,
Fully protected by green leaves,
Firmly embedded within sturdy stems,

Flower Feelings 3 - cheerful Pink Roses

Attractive, cheerful, smiling pink roses,
Admirable petals of lyrical love!
Adorable bloom of warm embraces,
Abundantly rich gift of nature,

Flower Feelings 4 - lovely Lily

Lovely Lily, pink and white,
Laughing Lily, pure and bright,
Lilting Lily, dancing with might,
Luminous Lily, yearning for light,

Flower Feelings 7 - glorious Laburnum Locks

Golden laburnum of silky petals,
Gorgeous locks of yellow blooms,
Gentle branches hanging in clusters,
God's way of charming gratification,

Flower Feelings 6 - bougainvillaea Flowers Of Dignity

Bougainvillaea, tiny, cute, white flowers,
Protected by flashy, silken bracts,
Blooms shaded by magenta veils,
Polished, refined flowers of dignity,

Flower Feelings 2 - joyous White Jasmine

Nature surprises you like never ever before,
With joyous wonder of sweet Jasmine flowers,
Never ending long stretches of thousand blooms,
Like snowy nymphs on green leafy stems,

Flower Feelings 5 - the Blue Lotus Splendour

Blue flower, standing with grace and dignity,
Blue plant, looking towards sun with curiosity,
Blue lotus, aspiring spiritual splendour with divinity,
Blue force, motivating compassion with benign humanity,

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