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Love is all embracing,
Pure and sublime
Which flows and keeps flowing
Like a never ending stream;

I am a seeker,
A bird soaring high in the sky!
In that moment of flying - - a blissful state in the air,
Where you are free- -full of space,

Your eyes like glittering pearls remain embedded in my heart,
Your smile so sweet and charming- a vision unforgettable!
Your thick dark tresses like a canopy over a bright shining forehead
Adorned with sandalwood paste and a red circle of ‘ kumkum' at the centre,

I am a little pink Rose!
I bloomed to see
This beautiful world,
To enjoy the monsoon,

What can I do for Chandini?
What can I do
To bring a chirpy gleam into the tired sunken eyes?
What can I do

When Spring makes her graceful appearance
Like a pretty maiden,
Making her presence felt like a model,
Mainly in parks, lakes and gardens,

The beautiful Lotus,
Standing on muddy waters,
Untainted - uncluttered -unhampered,
So pure- but arduous to attain!

Poetry is
An emotional Rhapsody
Igniting the contemplative mind
Pouring out words in exuberance

The birds sing with lyrical affluence,
The butterflies dance in thrilling indulgence,
The breeze whistles in frisky cheerfulness,
The spring rejoices in her own opulence!

We never asked God
May we be born? Did we?
We just knew,
When life was infused into us

Gowri was the name given to her,
Gorgeous white Pomeranian,
Black eyes bright like
Black berries ripe,

I dreamt of a beautiful female Reindeer,
A pretty Reindeer with a red nose,
She had fantastic antlers like a branch,
An exquisite piece of art work,

If you had only lived for hundred years,
I would have come running to meet you today,
With a big bunch of flowers,
To wish you a 'Happy birthday',

An animal
Breathes like a man,
Eats like a man,
No! They do not think or talk,

As I stood in the courtyard
Of my ancestral house in Palakkad;
A sweet-scented breeze blew,
On my face, touching, caressing my whole being

The sun rises with a mild hue and a soft glow,
Glimmering and playing the hide and seek,
But nay, this game is just for a while,
For the sun shines brighter now

Though sixteen years have passed by,
I still cannot erase from my memory,
The floods that came in like a Tsunami wave
On 26th July 2005 into Mumbai.

Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin
Is a beautiful Poetess,
Radiant, bright, attractive,
Like the delightful red Rose!

I am not a danseuse but a dance,
I am not a singer but a song,
I am not a poetess but a poem,
I am not an artiste but an art!

A wise man
Adapts to situations
Agile, like the aquatic sea bird,
Always swimming, diving,

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Biography

The True Story Of A Dancer I love poetry. That's why I am here. My husband- Radhakrishna Menon, found this Poetry site - Poem Hunter for me, in June 2015. Ever since, I am here enjoying poems and the wonderful comradeship of my fellow poets. I was born in Bombay, to wonderful parents - Savithri and Sankaran Nair, on 3rd August 1950. Being the first born, I was showered with lots of love and affection by my parents. I was given excellent education by my father, who also inculcated in me the habit reading books. My mother encouraged me to learn dance and music. I took science in college intending to become a medical doctor but realised that I was, least inclined to work in hospitals. After my graduation (B.Sc) in Kerala, I came to Mumbai. I joined the Government Law College, completed my LL.B degree and became a lawyer. I worked in the Sessions Court, just for a day, under a criminal lawyer, and realised that I did not want to stand with criminals, day in and day out, arguing in the court. All along, it was my simple wish from childhood, just to spend my life dancing and singing. When I expressed this desire, almost everyone in my family were quite shocked and perturbed. Coming from an orthodox family, this was not at all considered a respectable vocation, especially for a girl. However, I was determined to pave my path in life. I took to Mohiniattam - a graceful dance style from Kerala, very seriously. I performed numerous recitals, choreographed and researched deeply into Mohiniattam style; systematised, codified and documented my work on Mohiniattam; and published them as books. For forty years, I have been a stage artiste, performing as a professional dancer, in India and other countries like England, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, U.K., U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Sri Lanka and China. I enjoyed performing and travelling to various countries. The journey as a dancer was tough with lots of trials and tribulations. It was not always a bed of roses, there were thorns too. However, I continued being a dancer for the simple reason that when I am on stage performing, it gave me immense joy. It transported me into a different world altogether. If I have another birth, I would like to be a dancer, once again. Throughout my career as a dancer, I managed to continue my academic study as well, at the University of Mumbai and obtained a Doctoral degree for my research in "Narayaneeyam - Philosophy, Bhakti and Aesthetics" I am married to Radhakrishna Menon, a philanthropist, kind, compassionate and well read. I call him ‘My Tibetan Monk'. He has let me retain my individuality and has been my best teacher as well. Without my husband's incredible support, I could never have achieved anything in life. We have a beautiful daughter named Radhika, who now works for an International Organization. She is a globe trotter and travels extensively for her work. After years of stay in Mumbai, We have shifted our residence to Delhi. I love Delhi for its amazing gardens, fabulous trees and beautiful flowers.I feel close to nature. The heritage monuments in Delhi are awe inspiring too. It takes you back into the mystic lanes of powerful history. I spend my time writing books and poetry. I have published eight books in 'Amazon Kindle Ebook' in 2023.They are: 1. Shree Hanumaan Chaalisaa 2. Jaydeva's Geeta Govinda - A love Song 3. Devi Mahatmyam - The Mystic Power of the Radiant Goddess 4. Jai Jai Sree Ganesa 5. Ahimsa Truth Love - An Anthology 6. Mahatma Gandhi - Simple Living High Thinking 7. Dr. Albert Einstein - The Super Star Scientist 8. Rejuvenating Reiki Meditation. After years of dancing and singing, i have now developed a new passion for painting. I enjoy painting with bright colours. Surely, inspired by the life of the famed Painter Vincent Van Gogh. When I complete a poem on Van Gogh, I switch to painting a flower. Poetry and painting are two bright orange yellow rays of light that keep me going, engrossed and stimulating.A meditation beyond the realms of mundane trivialities..........)

The Best Poem Of Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

Love is all embracing,
Pure and sublime
Which flows and keeps flowing
Like a never ending stream;
From the eternal river,
Pouring out the elixir of love,
Love that gushes out unreservedly,
From each cell of the body,
Through each pore of the skin,
From the depths of the heart,
Spreading its aroma,
Into the wide Universe!

Love is all embracing,
Love - that goes on and on,
Not like a sentence,
Punctuated with commas, colons
And full stops!
Nay! Not like a long sentence either,
That goes on into paragraphs,
Pages and paperbacks!
Like an eternal Bible,
That delivers the sermons,
Sprinkling its message,
Into every corner of the world!

Love is all embracing
Love that does not confine nor is confined,
To any shape size or structure,
Not a square, rectangle or triangle,
It is not like a street
Ending in a narrow lane,
Or a one-way street with a blind end.
It is not a box that can be shut and locked,
That remains safe and secure in a bank locker.
Love is like an open blue sky,
Where thousands of stars twinkle and smile
Brightly and beautifully, at the same time!

Love is all embracing,
Complete and fulfilled!
A part of the world starves,
Not of poverty alone like in Africa and India!
The world suffers,
Not just of food for the hungry,
Or of roof for the unsheltered,
Not even a rag for the unclothed,
But the world suffers and cries due to starvation of love!
Physical apathy is remediable.
But O! What about the apartheid?
That many people suffer from - the apartheid of love!

Love is all embracing,
Like the love of Gopis for their beloved Krishna,
The cowherd damsels of Vrindävana
Filled their hearts with the sweet strains
Of the magical flute - the spontaneous love,
Pure and unalloyed,
Singing with a honeyed voice,
Dancing with a languishing grace,
Breathing with a lingering whisper,
Flitting through the mundane affairs,
Yet, frolicking with the divine flute player,
Drunken profusely with nectar of divine love!
It was Krishna the flute player everywhere,
Nothing else mattered or existed,
Content, happy, no grievances, no complaints!
Only the sound of flute, a divine ecstasy!
All surrendered unto Him - the supreme Lord.
No more wishes, no more wandering thoughts,
Only 'Bhakti' - the path of divine love,
The pure 'Atma'merging with the purest 'Paramatma'!

Love is all embracing,
Like the love of Mother Mary,
Holy Mary -Full of Grace,
Beautiful and blessed,
Mother of God- Jesus Christ,
The Virgin Mother - Incarnation of God.
The ‘Word' of love - the ‘light' of truth!
The generous Mother Mary poured comfort and solace
To the weary, suffering souls,
Leading them towards the path of salvation!
To live a powerful and perfect life
Love needs to be showered
Without any reservations or resistance!
Forgiveness and tolerance,
Essential ingredients of love too!
When Mother Teresa held in her arms
The sick and forsaken,
She practised true Christian virtues
Of service with love,
And sacrifice without a murmur!

Love is all embracing,
Like the love of Jalaluddin Rumi for his God
And the wandering mystic Shams Tabriz!
Rumi's bond of intense emotion
Transformed and transmitted him
Into the realm of spiritual splendour!
Rumi's fantastic work of exquisite poetry
Of love- God and man-and the unity behind
'La'illaha il Allahu'-there is no reality other than God-
That sowed the seeds of love,
Pouring and converting the words of fragrance
Into exquisite lyrics of unimaginable joy!
The words of wisdom travelled like a wild wind,
From east to west, north to south
Purifying the souls that loved,
Leaving behind a heritage of love,
For the entire generation of the Sufis!
Rumi says: "Be drunken in love for love is all that matters,
Loved and lover will survive eternity,
Do not attach to anything but love."

Love is all embracing,
Like the loving compassion of Buddha,
A divine soul filled with infinite love
For the entire world and its Beings!
Siddharta's heart melted at this sight
Of the sick, the old and the dead,
Perturbed and troubled - He pondered.
Why should man suffer?
How can man eliminate sufferings?
Profound thoughts that haunted his questioning mind.
He left all - in search of Truth
Into thick forests amidst tranquil Nature!
Relentless meditation and persistent contemplation
Earned Siddharta spiritual illumination under a Bodhi tree.
He became the enlightened Buddha!
Buddha's merciful heart perceived love in all souls;
Be it a human, an animal or a tiny creature,
Be it a flower, creeper, leaf, or a even a stone;
An ocean of empathy - Buddha spread the fragrance
Of love and compassion, into every corner of this world!

Love is all embracing,
Eyes searching for the feast of love,
Ears straining for the sweet melody of love,
Nose seeking the fragrance of love,
Lips spelling the magic of love,
Fingers softening for the touch of love,
The five sensitive organs play
An amusing game of love!
Yet, this love so sweet and sensual,
Alas! A flitting merriment of self-indulgence
Momentary, fluctuating,
But sadly, transitory and impermanent!

Love is all embracing,
That should emerge from deep within
Limitless and infinite!
Without barriers or boundaries,
With no tall orders or terse rules,
Without any expectations or rewards!
Love has to be shared,
Love has to be offered,
Love has to be showered,
Continuously and graciously,
Generously and universally,
Into the wide, wide world!

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Comments

Rajnish Manga 23 December 2016

Dr Geeta RM has been one of the most gifted poets I have ever known. She has written poems on a wide range of subjects. I have had the privilege of reading many of her poems and have been delighted. The first and the foremost characteristic feature that comes to mind is that the ethos of the society and the country she belongs to is very close to her heart. She has also been influenced by history and philosophical traditions this great land of our forefathers. I am sure she will continue to write with same passion and depth for the benefit of readers of good poetry.

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Magnificent details about the great personality of Dr. Geeta, she is my personal friends must you know, I know every moving of her elegant hands and beautiful body, Dr. Geeta can sing loveliest too.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 August 2020

By grace f Lord Ganesh once again Dr. Geeta Rashakrishna Menon has risen up with rank # 333 among top 500 poets of the world on date 30 August 2020, Sunday, as per the World Poetry Database Information. We congratulate her with much happiness.

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An eloquent and excellent poet is Dr. Geeta. Her poems are highly inspirational and pregnant with positivity. Poem Hunter is a great place but only because of great poets like Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon!

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Indira Renganathan 19 November 2019

Dr.Geeta Menon is a noted poetess whose immense passion for India's cultural heritage is well understood from her poems.A great passionate dancer, patriot, a nature lover, a highly adorable mother and a versatile poetess....all we come to know reading her poems.Her choice of subjects is greatly admirable too.An honourable writer and an estemmed poetess is Dr.Geeta.May God shower all His blessings and mercy for the bestest of her future poetry and happiness in life all through

3 2 Reply
Rebecca Navarre 31 March 2024

Once reading even one of Geeta's poems her poetry stays in heart and mind! .. For she is an unforgettable poetess touching the hearts of all! ..

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 November 2022

I can't properly describe this wonderful person but what I feel she is a wonderful dancer and an insightful poet with incisive knowledge people and their needs. A multi faceted genius. I express my sincere respect and regards to you dear madam. Stay blessed.

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Col Jayadev 18 April 2022


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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Quotes

Ask not what the friend can do for you Ask only what you can do for the friend.

'There is love, There is dance, There is colour in life, There is the freedom to dance and be happy.'

Dance not for your body alone, but for your sweet soul within.

'My tiny soul is not my soul alone, it is a fragment of nature's powerful and magnanimous soul.'

'When fingers curve into mystical 'mudras', the fantastic soul dances with divinity.'

'O Sparkling Sun! Tell me the secret of your radiant smile! '

'Pandemic 2020 has taught mankind to honour and value life as the precious gift of God.'

Bestow on the fragmented and scattered humanity, benign love with genuine magnanimity.

When we know that we cannot change the law of nature, why battle, belittle or batter? It's a waste of time and energy! Just flow with life with patience and compassion!

Life is a series of little wonders. But to experience these wonders, we have to capture them into the lens of our eyes and caress them in the core of our heart.

Love is, sometimes so unpredictable, Like life, so uncertain and indefinite, You cannot ask why it happened, Nor can you question, why it did not happen!

Funnily, at times, facts are fancier than fiction.

'Grow flowers in your mind, Throw weeds off your mind.'

'Where there is will and desire, There is always a way and solution.'

I am a dancing, singing, poem!

'Violence has no place in the dictionary of love.'

I believe in the religion of togetherness, rather than a religion of separateness.

For me, to love man and all beings, as much as you love God, is the true message of Christmas.

Love is the only language understood by all human beings, animals and other creations of this world.

Life is like a vast canvas. We have to splash pleasant hues with our brush to make it a beautiful painting.

We never asked God, may we be born? Did we? We just knew when life was infused into us that we are alive!

Nature blinks in wondrous light, then, winks in mischievous light!

Let us remind ourselves, each moment, each day, that it is our responsibility, to create, develop and establish 'Peace' all around planet earth.

Destiny has its own interesting destinations. It plays many tricky games but will ultimately take you to the place where you truly deserve to be.

'The spirit of my mother ever circles, revolves around me, enveloping me with a mysterious aura, and embracing me with the warmth of her love.'

Good thoughts attract good luck like a magnet. Treasure good thoughts forever.

'There are bright spots in dark life Like the glow worms in dark nights.'

When life becomes a continuous train of troubles, you begin to doubt the existence of God. Where is God when you are struggling, crying and calling out for help?

For a lover of books time passes with much interest, information and intrigue!

Books keep you engaged, engrossed, carrying you into an exciting world of curious and captivating characters.

The autumn flirted around with a breezy, crazy dance. Then, flitted away with a twirl, like the yellow, orange leaves of autumn, far, far away!

When you feel down in the dumps, enveloped by inabilities, inadequacies, when you feel completely worn out with absolute apathy, emptiness, that's when the cosmic power lifts you up!

Strange is this life on earth! When you remain empty headed, blank, the cosmos - suddenly, fills you with a purpose, guides you with a ray of light and leads you through a meaningful path.

A true artiste never holds back, he is ever ready to meet challenges.The artiste may be very poor, without a penny or rupee in his pocket, but his dreams are unlimited rays of sunshine!

For an artiste, every new creation appears as a rainbow.

The simplest of art work, whether dance, music or painting, require the greatest of effort, concentration and focus, for it to glow like a lamp.

Sometimes, sudden thoughts like flash of lightning strike you with intensity. Then you begin to pursue it through determined action, totally unconcerned of its reaction.

In life, it is so important to dream. But dreams cannot be empty or void. Your dreams should have a goal, a purpose, accompanied by tremendous, steady effort.

To appreciate a painting, one has to go beyond the colours, stare at it with concentration for long, comprehend its meaning, grasp its hidden message, only then, will you spot its beautiful soul.

The spirit is ever dancing for a passionate artiste embraced by creativity and endless imagination.

The stomach has to be fed and nourished to create magic with fingers on the canvas and keep the spirit smiling and glowing.

An artiste must be perceptible and sensitive to nature's elusive character.

When an artiste fully immerses himself with nature, he becomes a part of nature's mystery, his vision becomes superior to any others and he is able to perceive vibrant colours of nature.

A true artiste seeks excellence. He draws and draws to get the ideal picture. He sketches till he gets a flawless frame. A long process, indeed, in pursuit of precision & perfection.

When you blabber without any motivation, When you answer where no questions are asked, When you advise when it is not requested, When you shout without a reason or a purpose, The listener will be outraged, irritated and disgusted.

Spoken words are like sharp arrows. They can bite, sting and penetrate. When words penetrate through the heart, It goes deep down, down, down, Into the layers of your inner being, Never to be forgotten or erased; They remain alive like a wounded scar!

Love is an enigma! It becomes complicated, if it is one sided. Love should be mutual in order it to be joyful. If not, love is bound to collapse and is doomed to end most tragically!

Love cannot be forced, demanded or grabbed It has to be natural like a serene flowing stream!

To lead a simple life with minimal wants, without pride, pretentions or prejudice is so peaceful.

Isn't life, all about sharing some precious moments? To love, to be loved, is a lyrical, lilting, love poem of life!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Popularity

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