Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Poems

1. Ganesa 4 - Mushiga Vahana Mahaganapati 12/3/2016
2. Ganesa 5 - Lambodhara Vinayaka 12/3/2016
3. Ganesa 6 - Natana Ganesa - The Dancing Ganapati 12/4/2016
4. Mother Earth - Adhbuta Or Surprise 1/19/2017
5. Mother Earth - Ashcharya Or Astonishment 1/19/2017
6. Mahatma Gandhi 34 - Office Of Satyagraha 3/1/2017
7. Mahatma Gandhi 35 - Satyagraha Resumed 3/1/2017
8. Mahatma Gandhi 36 - The Triumph Of Satyagraha 3/2/2017
9. Mahatma Gandhi 33 - The History Of Satyagraha In South Africa 2/28/2017
10. Mother Earth - Bhayanaka Or Terrible 1/15/2017
11. Mother Earth - Roudra Or Anger 1/17/2017
12. Mahatma Gandhi 38 - Satyagraha Struggles In India 5/21/2017
13. Mahatma Gandhi 39 - The Champaran Satyagraha 5/22/2017
14. Goddess 7 - Mahalakshmyashtakam 11/18/2016
15. Mother Earth - Hasya Or Ridicule, Laughter 1/10/2017
16. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 4 10/21/2016
17. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 5 10/21/2016
18. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 6 10/22/2016
19. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 7 10/22/2016
20. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 8 10/23/2016
21. My Upanishadic Birdie Pie 9 10/23/2016
22. My Upanishadic Sweetie Pie 11 10/25/2016
23. Ganesa 2 - Siddhi Vinayaka - The Bestower Of Boons 9/27/2016
24. Goddess 5 - Maha Durga 10/3/2016
25. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 6 9/18/2017
26. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 16 10/7/2017
27. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 19 10/24/2017
28. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 22 10/27/2017
29. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 23 10/27/2017
30. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song 24 10/27/2017
31. Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda - A Love Song - Epilogue 10/27/2017
32. Andaman 6 - The Story Of Veer Savarkar 11/20/2017
33. Vedantic Wisdom 7 - The Charioteer And The Five Horses 8/9/2015
34. Mahatma Gandhi 3 - The Story Of Shravana 10/5/2015
35. Mahatma Gandhi 4 - The Story Of Harishchandra 10/7/2015
36. Mahatma Gandhi 7 - Mohandas Gandhi's Schooldays 10/17/2015
37. Mahatma Gandhi 8 - Mohandas Gandhi's Marriage 10/19/2015
38. Mahatma Gandhi 9 - Kastur - A Spirited Girl 10/19/2015
39. Mahatma Gandhi 12 - A Friendship That Went Sour! 11/23/2015
40. Mahatma Gandhi 14 - A Touching Scene 11/24/2015

Comments about Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

  • Vaidyanathan Ram Iyer Vaidyanathan Ram Iyer (2/22/2018 10:30:00 AM)

    Geetha mam is devotional and natural poet writer,
    She never hurts through her poems. Her poems is always
    Inspired by other poets.

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  • Loke Kok Yee (1/7/2018 12:45:00 AM)

    A poetess to warm the heart and calm lost souls
    When hope is gone, her spiritual writes consoles
    With eloquence her profound wisdom is shared
    And a friend who will stand by you anywhere

  • Valsa George Valsa George (12/22/2017 10:39:00 PM)

    She is learned and multi talented! This gifted poet's writings are spiced with philosophy and spirituality!
    Let her continue to wield her pen for the good of humanity
    for many more years!
    I had trouble in posting the comment. So I split it up!

  • Valsa George Valsa George (12/22/2017 10:36:00 PM)

    In poetess Geeta, I see a blend of tradition and modernity.
    Her love of piety is evident from the subjects she chooses for her poems.
    She has a deep knowledge of the epics like the Ramayana
    and the Mahabharata and often quotes from the scriptures.
    There is an innate beauty in the way she handles the topics!
    I wish Dr. Geeta all the best in her creative endeavour!

  • Dr.tony Brahmin Dr.tony Brahmin (12/22/2017 3:57:00 PM)

    Geeta knew the mind of Mahatma,
    and his struggle to know the truth,
    The History Of Satyagraha In South Africa
    and The Triumph Of Satyagraha.
    She wrote about karuna, compassion,
    the upanishadic sweetie, Birdie,
    Jayadeva's Geeta Govinda.
    She is a multifaceted poetess whose mind is filled
    with the Spirit of God and goodness.

  • Dr.tony Brahmin Dr.tony Brahmin (12/22/2017 1:48:00 PM)

    An angel was sent to earth by the Almighty
    to sing and dance on the Vedas and Upanishads.
    She danced with the Goddess Mahalakshmyashtakam
    She loved Ganesa, Lambodhara Vinayaka,
    Natana Ganesa - The Dancing Ganapati,
    Mushiga Vahana Mahaganapati. She dances and dances
    through the pages of Poem hunter.
    i too dance along with her Rhythm.

  • Bernard F. Asuncion Bernard F. Asuncion (12/12/2017 1:46:00 AM)

    Dr. Geeta is a brilliant writer in this New Age....

  • Subhas Chandra Chakra Subhas Chandra Chakra (10/24/2017 1:09:00 PM)

    This effort of bringing forth the great tales of Sages like Patanjali, the great is a highly praiseworthy task so well furnished by you.
    Heart felt thanks for it.

  • Rini Jerry Rini Jerry (9/26/2017 3:32:00 PM)

    Geetha you are very much talented.. translation from Sanskrit to English of Geetha Govinda songs are really mind blowing.

  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (12/23/2016 2:33:00 AM)

    Dr Geeta RM has been one of the most gifted poets I have ever known. She has written poems on a wide range of subjects. I have had the privilege of reading many of her poems and have been delighted. The first and the foremost characteristic feature that comes to mind is that the ethos of the society and the country she belongs to is very close to her heart. She has also been influenced by history and philosophical traditions this great land of our forefathers. I am sure she will continue to write with same passion and depth for the benefit of readers of good poetry.

Best Poem of Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

Love is all embracing,
Pure and sublime
Which flows and keeps flowing
Like a never ending stream,
From the eternal river,
Pouring out the elixir of love,
Love that gushes out unreservedly,
From each cell of the body,
Through each pore of the skin,
From the depths of the heart,
Spreading its aroma,
Into the wide Universe!

Love is all embracing,
Love - that goes on and on,
Not like a sentence,
Punctuated with commas, colons
And full stops!
Nay! Not like a long sentence either,
That goes on into paragraphs,
Pages ...

Read the full of Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

My Beloved Father

A tall, handsome six footer,
A resolute chin,
A defined jaw line that can boast of aristocracy,
A passer-by would not miss him.
Dark like the mills & boons heroes,
Donning a military cap,
Definite steps as he walked
With military boots - thud - thud - thud
With a stick in hand just to wave- wave- wave

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