Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Poems

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Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

Love is all embracing,
Pure and sublime
Which flows and keeps flowing
Like a never ending stream;

Dance 1 - Mudras

I am a seeker,
A bird soaring high in the sky!
In that moment of flying - - a blissful state in the air,
Where you are free- -full of space,

Mother 1 - My Beautiful And Charming Mother

Your eyes like glittering pearls remain embedded in my heart,
Your smile so sweet and charming- a vision unforgettable!
Your thick dark tresses like a canopy over a bright shining forehead
Adorned with sandalwood paste and a red circle of ‘ kumkum' at the centre,

Environment 14 - The Angry Rains And The Pink Rose

I am a little pink Rose!
I bloomed to see
This beautiful world,
To enjoy the monsoon,

Woman 1 - What Can I Do For Chandini?

What can I do for Chandini?
What can I do
To bring a chirpy gleam into the tired sunken eyes?
What can I do

Flower 13 - The Red Spring Flowers

When Spring makes her graceful appearance
Like a pretty maiden,
Making her presence felt like a model,
Mainly in parks, lakes and gardens,

Flower 1 - The Beautiful Lotus

The beautiful Lotus,
Standing on muddy waters,
Untainted - uncluttered -unhampered,
So pure- but arduous to attain!

Poetry 1 - An Emotional Rhapsody

Poetry is
An emotional Rhapsody
Igniting the contemplative mind
Pouring out words in exuberance

Spring 5 - Spring Birds & Butterflies

The birds sing with lyrical affluence,
The butterflies dance in thrilling indulgence,
The breeze whistles in frisky cheerfulness,
The spring rejoices in her own opulence!

Life 1 - Live A Full Life

We never asked God
May we be born? Did we?
We just knew,
When life was infused into us

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