Sunil Uniyal Ghazal Poems

A Ghazal - He And We

wind water earth sky - all things remain the same
for our Lord in heaven above we are but a game

He tests us at every step if we fail

A Ghazal - I Feel Lost

I don't know why, it's strange but true-
I feel lost in front of you

Virtues in me are too many,

A Hindi Ghazal - 1

Original ~

pyaas to hai par jaam nahin hai
taruvar hai par chhaaon nahin hai

A Ghazal - Traveller O!

Traveller O, why your feet have halted there?
Your terminus is still nowhere near.

Hear the brook that goes on singing in the woods,

A Ghazal Of Amir Kazalbash (Translation)

life's an evening without dawn, buddy
why are you awake all night, buddy?

i'm weary of travelling on and on,

A Hindi Ghazal - 2


lahar thee, tata par bikhar gayi
zindagi yoon hee guzar gayi

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