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Rating: 4.33

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wind water earth sky - all things remain the same
for our Lord in heaven above we are but a game

He tests us at every step if we fail

A win, a clap, a cheer, a pat -
We ne'er had that, we ne'er had that.

We went to woods for butterflies,

That evening jogging on the beach with my friends
miles and miles away from home i was alone

the sea was rolling and unrolling its carpet of blue and grey

I don't know why, it's strange but true-
I feel lost in front of you

Virtues in me are too many,

Hindi Original~

Goree soye sej pe, mukh pe daare kes
Chal Khusro ghar aapne, rain bhayi chaudes

O Mother Divine
Bless me with your mercy please

Running wayward in my life

I've left my father's home
I am now in an alien land

Married off beyond four mountains

It's Holi, it's Holi, dear friends.

All envy let's shun
All hatred let's burn

two birds sit on a pipal bough

one flies off to pick dry twigs to build a nest
the other bird watches quietly this process

from Pylon Point
on Harbour Bridge -
a ship crawls in

Original ~

pyaas to hai par jaam nahin hai
taruvar hai par chhaaon nahin hai

Hail to Thee, O Kamakhya Devi, hail to Thee! !

To Thy abode at Nilanchal
Thy sons and daughters come to Thee,

Traveller O, why your feet have halted there?
Your terminus is still nowhere near.

Hear the brook that goes on singing in the woods,

Is andheri kothri men utar aayi roshni
Phir kisi ne aaj kholaa band roshandaan
Ek boodhe naujavaan ne kyaa bhari hunkaar

They all gather round the man in his seventies
Who is on a fast-unto-death against the muck:

I hear the flutter of a change in the spring wind!

Bhaya more meto Hanumaanaa.
Haun baalak main to ati nirbal, mohe nirbhaya balee banaanaa.
Ashta-siddhi nau nidhi ke daataa, ko hai jag men tor samaanaa.
Prabhu kaaraj hita laanghyo saagar, Lankpuree ko kiyo masaanaa.

(Mere man ye bataa de tu, from the Hindi Film 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna') ~

O my heart just tell me
whither you go

Original-Hindi Brajabhasha (by Surdas) ~

jo sukh hot Gopaalahin gaaye
so nahin hot kiye jap tap ke kotik teerath nhaaye

Sunil Uniyal Biography

Sunil Uniyal (Hindi: सुनील उनियाल) is an Indian poet writing poems and haiku for the last many years. Early Life and Education Sunil Uniyal, son of Late Shri Surya Chandra Uniyal and Smt. Sushila Uniyal was born at Lucknow, India. He had his school education at Christian missionary schools of Mt Carmel and Boys High School, Mahanagar, and his college education at Government Jubilee Inter College, Lucknow. Sunil obtianed his Post-graduate in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology in 1974, from Luchnow University. Career Having worked as Customs Inspector at Dharchula in the Himalayan border district of Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand during 1978-80, He is presently an Under Secretary with the Government of India, in New Delhi. Literary Careear Sunil started writing when he was a school boy and has been writing poems especially haku for the past 25 years, but an anthology is yet to be published. He also interested in research in history and archaeology (having written a monograph on Games and Sports in Ancient Indian Art and Archaeology). He is an avid reader of literature(both English and Hindi) , folk-poetry, Sanskrit plays and scriptures. Sunil travelled in India and many other countries like Wollongong, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Singapore, Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence and Urbino. He is currently working on a collection of his poems and haiku and also involved in translating medieval Hindi Bhakti poets like Kabir, Surdas and Raidas and modern Hindi poet Leeladhar Jagoodi, besides a poetic rendering of Garhwali folk-songs. His poems/haiku and translations have found place among a number of literary e-journals like Museindia, Kritya, Enchanting Verses, Haiku Dreaming Australia and Notes From the Gean.)

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A Ghazal - He And We

wind water earth sky - all things remain the same
for our Lord in heaven above we are but a game

He tests us at every step if we fail
not He but we're ourselves to blame

all day the devotees throng His shrine
chanting His name spreading His fame

desires they've sown for ages in their hearts
if they don't sprout won't it be His shame?

deaf He may be to my pleas, uni,
don't think on His love i'll forego my claim.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 November 2021


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Sunil Uniyal 05 January 2022

Thank you so much.

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Purbesh Mahapatra 22 October 2018

You are a very good poet.

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