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I am dreaming of the sea.
Of oceans of love to bind you with me.
Silent rocking of your tongue with mine.
Here in your arms, there is no time.

Through rainbow tears I see love's true colors
Shining bright amongst them above all others...
Red, Green, Yellow, violet and blue...
All these beautiful colors I now see in you.

The wilted roses sat regally in the vase.
Their beauty never more apparent than their now decay.
The petals fall listlessly onto the carpet.
She never notices the thorns have no points.

Quiet whispers of broken truths
Memory lost of blissful youth
Making love by candlelight
Darkness calls me through the night

Have you ever walked on a sea of sand?
And thought it broken glass?
Have you left your heart in a barren land?
And be haunted by the past?

The dark moon is rising
No silver left to see
The crone has awakened
Her power flows in me

My heart is in winter.
My rose lost its bloom.
In love my pain enters.
It's cloud perpetual doom.

If I were a rose and you were a leaf,
the thorns would not grow upon my tree.
You would bask in the glory of beauty spent.
Content to reside where my heart went.

You Lied
Words cascaded effortlessly from a forked tongue
I was naïve to consider you pure

Consume me in the burning dance of flesh
And feed from my heart with lavish exuberance
While I surrender to the anticipation of rapture

Butterfly moon of a flightless dawn.
Marching softly with a rhythm gone.
Angels coming in a darkened morn.
Demons ascending in a vertical form.

And I was alone with my thoughts.

Memories swirl in a unison of faith.
Change has been inevitably declined.

I am the creator who cannot find
The soul in which I burn
A witch of fire, frozen in ice
Freedom is a flight I yearn

And I fell
Laughing, crying
Another song

Ambrosia falls from nectar's lips in waves of molten lust
Crystalline caresses yearn for luscious flesh engorged

Shadows of promises broken
Gloom within this page
Lightless thoughts keep dancing
Pain will never age.

Dreams in yellow, blue, and red.
Wish fulfilled while solace dead.
Frozen memory on a gilded page.
Thoughtless sorrow defines this sage.

She has broken wings.
Her pain is vain.
The child hurts.
The woman sings.

I flittered like a frozen butterfly in a silver artic haze.

My wings wilting erroneously from a chill since unbridled.

Closeted I stare at this red door.
Ajar, but as open to me as a vault.
My nightmare is my salvation.
Silence now awakening, keeping me distraught.

A.J. McKinley Biography

I find poetry to be a complete reflection of self and should be experienced through a totally biased point of view. It can be said that I am selfish in my poetry, in the sense that I write strictly for myself. It is my therapy, my best friend, and sometimes my enemy, but always...it is me. I am influenced by such writers as Faulkner, Spenser, Cummings, Neruda, Frost, and Whitman. I hope to convey a sense of my own urgencies and even a little spirituality. You can find more of me by visiting the following site: http: //www.myspace.com/ladyofmystery75)

The Best Poem Of A.J. McKinley

Dreaming Of The Sea

I am dreaming of the sea.
Of oceans of love to bind you with me.
Silent rocking of your tongue with mine.
Here in your arms, there is no time.
A merging of spirits - Two become one.
Here on this ocean, beneath the rising sun.
Waves of passion jolting me alive.
Surprised by this capture - You are mine.
Warm breath is rising like the mist.
Lips parting in anticipation of your sweet kiss.
Hands in my hair pulling me to you.
Oh, the warmth I am feeling, if you only knew.
A finger trailed from cheek to cheek.
Your wild desire is making me so weak.
And once again I am dreaming of the sea.
When eternity will bring my love back to me.

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

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Anna Romanov 02 April 2007

I absolutely love your poems, they really distribute mature and themed ideas, i can really relate! wonderful!

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