A Dozen Roses Poem by A.J. McKinley

A Dozen Roses

Rating: 3.3

The wilted roses sat regally in the vase.
Their beauty never more apparent than their now decay.
The petals fall listlessly onto the carpet.
She never notices the thorns have no points.
Is it pride or vanity that rules the rose?
She whispers it is benign beauty that sins.
Dying slowly with no remorse.
Perfumed fragments tantalize the passers-by.
A dozen roses on the naked mantle.
A tear drops and my roses cry.

Daniel Tyler 21 August 2006

A dozen roses on the naked mantle. A tear drops and my roses cry. What a couplet. The language has a crispness there, that I love. The whole poem is marvellous.

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Lylyanna Pilewski 07 August 2006

love the last line. Lylyanna

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Ruby Root 02 August 2006

This is beautiful A.J. Mckinley, I loved your poem. You are very talented. This is beautiful. Take care.

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Delilah Caszatt 02 August 2006

Absolutely Beautiful! !

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XXxxKimberleyxxXX .. 18 November 2008

idk y but i have tears in my eyes that is a precious poem :)

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, aryaindia 19 July 2008

The poignancy of your verse is truly haunting in the centre of the context about the rose that is dying. A parallel is met with the human existence in this very beautiful poem that cries aloud in its temerity. Thanks, Arya

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Colin Jeffery 16 July 2008

I love this poem. Great. Thank you.

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David Harris 11 March 2007

A.J. what an enchanting little piece. I wonder why roses always seem to be a poets favourite flower. I've used it many times myself. The delicate way you describe the withering rose is very visual and sad. The poems is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.10/10 from me. David

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Brian Dorn 03 October 2006

Amazing imagery and written with a delicate style so characteristic of the roses in question. Beautifully done! Brian

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