Dreaming Of The Sea Poem by A.J. McKinley

Dreaming Of The Sea

Rating: 3.4

I am dreaming of the sea.
Of oceans of love to bind you with me.
Silent rocking of your tongue with mine.
Here in your arms, there is no time.
A merging of spirits - Two become one.
Here on this ocean, beneath the rising sun.
Waves of passion jolting me alive.
Surprised by this capture - You are mine.
Warm breath is rising like the mist.
Lips parting in anticipation of your sweet kiss.
Hands in my hair pulling me to you.
Oh, the warmth I am feeling, if you only knew.
A finger trailed from cheek to cheek.
Your wild desire is making me so weak.
And once again I am dreaming of the sea.
When eternity will bring my love back to me.

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

Lesa K 22 August 2006

Sensual and achingly beautiful. So much longing. I like this one very much, especially the last line.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 21 August 2006

An impressive and tactful mix of Romance and Erotica, within the captures of sterling image... A Fine Penning indeed...'''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr

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Duncan Wyllie 17 August 2006

A stunningly sensual and beautiful display of words, well done here, this is great! ! ! Love duncan X

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Anjana Aravind 17 August 2006

Lovely poem...... Anjana

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Ben Gieske 27 April 2008

Your introduction (first two lines) is most imaginative and inviting.

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Mitchell Greenwood 01 March 2007

Eloquently stunning work A.J.. Mitch

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Daniel Tyler 29 August 2006

And once again I am dreaming of the sea. When eternity will bring my love back to me. A super couplet to end a super poem. Lovely language throughout.

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Lylyanna Pilewski 23 August 2006

Oooh I love it. The way you put it it's like steamy but like not in the bad way it's in hte way where it's like wow I want that type of thing like you read like you miss that person those are the things you miss like ahh i had this all in my head and now I can't say it right. It's just love ya know love like can't stop kissin movie moment thing Idk! lol i tried. Lylyanna

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Gavin Shaw 23 August 2006

Hi A.J. Great poem I love it the imagery had me so open and wild and free, Love your friend Gavin

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A.J. McKinley

A.J. McKinley

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