Aabid Masroor

Veteran Poet - 1,605 Points (21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Aabid Masroor Poems

1. Tonight 1/21/2016
2. Autumn And Me 1/23/2016
3. With You 1/31/2016
4. Inclines 2/23/2016
5. A Black Dog 2/23/2016
6. Awaken Conscience 2/23/2016
7. Instead Of 2/25/2016
8. Beautiful Creature 2/25/2016
9. To Grandma 2/29/2016
10. Goodbye 3/20/2016
11. Who Said That To You? 4/11/2016
12. For His Mother 4/15/2017
13. Take A Look In The Mirror 2/22/2016
14. Half Love 1/4/2017
15. Somebody (Song) 1/31/2016
16. Love That 2/9/2016
17. A Dialogue Between A Bird And Me 2/9/2016
18. Love Song 10/17/2015
19. Look Again 1/16/2016
20. Half Done 6/28/2017
21. Mother And Son 1/28/2016
22. Stranger 2/22/2016
23. From Your Memories 1/26/2016
24. Spring 1/19/2016
25. Alone 7/30/2015
Best Poem of Aabid Masroor


Island-in an ocean of tears
I am single, alone and my fears
Which to repair is huge painted wall
With natures gift sunlight in snowfall

Then what could death do when i depart
And when there is empty chamber of heart
Hath no fear to loose, no one to recall
Hath no pains to choose, no deserving to fall

Ask the whispering waves of breeze
Am i alone in cold days of freeze
They say I am idol of solidity
When i have kissed the forehead of difficulity

Syed Aabid Syed

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Look Again

As hearts being soft, angels and beasts doth like same end
Look again into your heart that once on mine, beat depend

The winged creatures do fly to others that to new heart
Of kings and riches of the world speak expert in their art

For loving the beast is the love, what kind of?
Love to have- No, the loved one's back, is entertain and laugh

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