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im so alone somedays
i just cant stand it!
i just wish
that he was here

many kind of tears there are
of fears near and far
blood, water, and black
blue, joy, and in the back

anna was a strange girl
living in a normal world
everyone would laugh
cause she liked death traps

hurts like drawing blood
hides like a face in a hood
crying emptiness
resisting temptation and doing my best

karma is a pain
in the light and rain
crying without relief
like rain drops off a leaf

try not 2 cry on the outside
even with the empty ties
being deprived from whats needed
trying not 2 be conceited

seems im always wondering y
but i cant seem 2 find
i wish u were out my window
but i cant see at all

I wish only that my life didnt hurt so much
and that he wouldnt have hung up on me
i think about it then i wanna cry
but really life sucks except the people in it

jugdement is a pain of life
it holds everything including strife
everybody can be pushed 2 far
no matter who, where, or what u are

if its true it cant be described
even though lots have tried
i hear it ever night
underneath the moonlight


my cousin my friend
a beief a neverend
a type of hope a love
a hate a life a death

it holds feelings
it tells nothing
it beats fast
makes love last


i pain everytime
i see a silver line
i cry at love
i smile at death

of the past
of the present
in ur heart
under ur bed


the only thing that zeus
put in the jar of evils
that was opened
by pandora


love is an emotion
alot of people feel
it's painful 4 some
it's worth all the trouble

im afraid of being alone
of crying on my own
loving things that wont work
trying not 2 let it hurt

Falling far from heaven
But never reaching hell
stuck in between both
dying on the inside

When the hour is close at hand
demons start to fill the land
ghosts come to haunt the living
monsters mostly just surviving

True love they say is only found once
but what if its found twice at the same time? ?
U may love one more then the other
but the feelings never go away

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Hello Im Abby Keen, soon to be Abby Harris.I have returned to Poemhunter after a long absence.I am happily engaged to my dream man so don't try o r else.I am soon to be 21 and thank you everyone who has read and commented on my poems.)

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im so alone somedays
i just cant stand it!
i just wish
that he was here
with me
but idk what 2 do
about it
maybe i have a
chance 2 never
be alone anymore
but even though
he's here in my heart
i feel alone all day long!
pain is all i feel
during the day
but in the nite
i feel so happy
take me and heal
feel me and tear
hear me and sigh
touch me and die
i cant hurt in the nite
but daytime im not alright
kiss me and break
give and dont take
shake but dont cry
be honest and try not 2 lie
hold them 2 their word
and maybe make a better world
taking everything away
now i want it 2 stay

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