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After a tiresome time at school
With a long stride I walk home
I walk thinking, what went missing
Along the dusty roads I keep thinking

Dinosaurs are extinct
Faces are distinct
The world is a strange place to be
Bloody roses are lovely

I am desert where nothing grows
Those that i keep if not by heat
Of thirst they die
And the cold night wind blows sand over them

Dancing thoughts
Shouting silently,
Eyes gleaming.

Is receiving the blessings of God.
Vitals that you give
Indeed shall be rewarded.

You are the architect of sadness
Blindness and madness
Yet uniting us in oneness
Should I be sad or glad?

I envy those who live high up the montain
Because down here its terrible
In this low altitude
The sun burns the hottest

When the sun dives
Make haste, return to your hive
You’ll stay alive
When the sun is swallowed by the evening sky, evil men thrive

I had it in me,
Now it’s all coming out.
I had it in me,
Now I’m clearing my doubt.

Machete Boys

You see them in all sizes, shapes and colours
Machete boys patrolling the dark corners

Pursue your goals
Awake your dreams
Conquer the beast of self doubt
Restraining you

Death is like a friend that is always with you
Like a wife, in sickness and in health
In poverty and in wealth
Death is always watching you

I am no fool as I once was,
Gave you my fragile heart,
You shattered it unremorsefully.
I see nothing but trickery,

It was as if the wind, had blown
Stardust in my eyes enchanting me,
With such charm upon perception
Of beauty, so luminously displayed,

Best sit alone absorbed,
Wonderous world how silly became.
Best keep circle small unpertubed,
Knowing not rabid-dog's name,

This fire burning within my chest,
I need it to keep burning and I’ll be best.
This inferno blazing within my chest,
Burns through obstacles and every test.

Noise, noise, noise.
No peace at home, all good unseen.
Microscopic mistakes magnified and used to the fullest,
To torment and attack.

No more darkness,
No more coldness,
The long night is over,
The cock has finally crowed,

To taste is not to eat,
Love is a thirst that cannot be quenched by a sip.
Once the heart learns to yearn, it lights a fire that would forever burn.
Many have gone mad, for they tasted and never got eat.


Real things don't last, fake things do.
Fresh roses plucked from nature
Shrivel after a single adventure
Artificial roses, last for a thousand poses

Abdalla Juma Shenga Biography

Abdalla Juma is a 4th year student at Pwani University, Kilifi. He is currently doing his B.ed Arts, English/Literature. Born in the coastal city of Mombasa, he was always a passionate student of literature, especialy poetry. Some of his favourite poets are: Allan Edgar Poe, Robbert Frost and T.S. Eliot. It is only recently that he was able to put down some few words on the paper and post some of his poems at www.poemhunter.com. Abdalla Juma hopes to learn alot from fellow poets from all over the world and perfect his writing. He hopes to be among the finest poets in Africa.)

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After a tiresome time at school
With a long stride I walk home
I walk thinking, what went missing
Along the dusty roads I keep thinking

Who among many did I leave a fool?
My thoughts get congested like a traffic jam
Are my students getting what I’m teaching?
Slowly I continue walking

Did I use the right tool?
Was I unfair to some?
Who kept watching,
Unknowingly floating

Knowledge is vast, it’s no small pool
For the diligent it’s light, lighter than foam
For others it’s tough, they keep struggling
Slowly I keep walking

I try to keep cool
And teach that life is no easy game
They keep lamenting
That the work I give is overwhelming

I work hard I’m a mule
I wish they did the same
But they keep joking
I keep thinking, thinking while am walking

In class some are far I try to pull
I try my best, their minds still roam
They keep imagining
Forgetting that they are learning

Tomorrow it’s back to school
But before I get home
I realize that I am teaching
But we are all learning

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Abdalla Juma Shenga 17 July 2015

I try to be good at the good that an good at.

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Phanice Wamukota 04 July 2015

I love your pieces Abdalla. They are sensible, informative and enjoyable to read. May you rise to the levels you envision yourself at. All the best.

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