Adam Holmes

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Adam Holmes Poems

1. The Artist And The Eye 4/22/2008
2. Kingdom Come And Go 4/28/2008
3. I Like The Bottle, Until Its Half Gone 4/29/2008
4. Tangled Up In Grey 5/9/2008
5. Lessons From The Unwritten Textbook 5/11/2008
6. Changing Tides 6/11/2008
7. Unattractive Opposites 6/11/2008
8. Shadows 6/26/2008
9. Master And Commander 7/2/2008
10. Defective Genie 7/17/2008
11. The Brave 7/26/2008
12. Telescopic Visions 8/5/2008
13. Sea Change 8/28/2008
14. East Side Tap 2/15/2009
15. Covered In America 3/10/2009
16. An Amusing Day At The Library 4/7/2009
17. The Wheel Of Misfortune 4/16/2009
18. Gods And Good Real Estate 12/6/2009
19. A Day’s Work: The Search For Purpose And Dreams Of Finding It 1/18/2010
20. A Frivolous Bout With Inability 4/20/2010
21. Drunk Days Are Dying 4/1/2009
22. Big City Hustle 7/21/2008
23. A Master Needs A Masterpiece 3/25/2009
24. A Long Way To Nowhere 12/27/2009
25. Nonsensical Sensory 7/5/2008
26. Blissful In Ignorance 6/13/2008
27. Nicotine Nightmares 5/26/2008
28. Strings Attached 5/26/2008
29. Act Ii 4/22/2008
30. Junior College 5/21/2008
31. Inconvenient Certainty 5/1/2008
32. Rhymes... 7/17/2008
33. Destination Dreamland 6/2/2008
34. Booze And Bad Decision 5/20/2008
35. Dogmatic 8/13/2008
36. Beautiful 4/5/2009
37. Forest Fire Fairytales 5/30/2008
Best Poem of Adam Holmes

Forest Fire Fairytales

Holding hands, gazing at stars
Kissing, cuddling in backseats of cars
When the sun catches the moon
We will be there
I have nothing but time

Holding hands at the alter
Your name becomes mine
When the tree meets the sky
We will be there
Happily ever after, together

Angry hands hit paper walls
Yells and screams echo above our past
When the fire burns the forest
I stand alone
Time is up, fairytales over

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Kingdom Come And Go

Soothsayer says we are doomed. The gold, the greed, the disease warrant our ruin. Step lightly on snail shells, futures are just as fragile. It came to him in a dream.

Blacksmith pounds on the anvil. Fifteen hours pay buys a loaf of bread. The girl looks up to the blacksmith, but father, my belly wants for more. The blacksmith turns his head, sheds a tear. Don’t fear darling, one day the sun will start shining, your hunger will pass, soil will no longer stain your dress, and you will r

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