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Hellbound and hardly breathing

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Forest Fire Fairytales

Holding hands, gazing at stars
Kissing, cuddling in backseats of cars
When the sun catches the moon
We will be there


People question me about my content
“You never write about the beautiful things”
Everything is grim
Everything is ugly


A church man talks of acceptance and salvation. I attempt to listen, but I’m a sucker for beer and women. Riddles wrote on parchment and bound into a neat package of ugly politics. A life lived in preparation to die.
-A soup kitchen for sinners
Dressed in glamorous rags, dime store suit and tie. Feast on famine; all you can eat ‘til you’re full at the ears. I’m still hung over from Saturday nights mass. The keg was tapped and we dashed from the cops, improvised sermons of bullshit and big fish storytelling save my soul from its chronic case of boredom.
-The abyss of ambiguity

Booze And Bad Decision

Why are the lights turned out?
What is it we are doing here?
Where did I lose my reason?
Who are you past the blur?

Junior College

Up is down, spin me around. I won myself a degree. Bow at my feet, fear my intellect, I should buy me a new pipe. Perhaps if I felt different I would, but it’s me, the same lost boy I have always been. I knows where I wants to go, but how do I get there? I stare at the map. Straight lines, squiggly lines, no lines, I am still lost. Seems to me I bought the wrong one.

My parents sure were proud. So were my grandparents. Oh yea and my sister and my friend’s mom and my dad’s ex-girlfriend, the family dog, the waitress at the pizza parlor shit, even my boss. What I didn’t tell them through my stupid smile was that I am a fraud. Sure, I had my flashes of pride, but they came and went between roaming clouds. The hardest part of earning this degree was waking up in time to hear my teacher ramble on and on and on about things I already knew and no longer remember. But hey, I have myself a cap and a gown and a piece of paper, that’s all they needed to see.

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