Francis Duggan Addiction Poems

The Lust For Power Is An Addiction

The lust for power is an addiction the Government their own praises do sing
And rubbish their main opposition as to Government they try to cling
The voters bombarded with propaganda right up until election day
The true fact of all politicians is they seldom do mean what they say

For Every Addiction

My best years of penning stuff well may be gone
But I must be addictive as I keep penning on
Some friends even tell me you've said all you have to say
'Tis time you gave scribbling of doggerel away

My Addiction

My addiction in the eyes of the Law is not seen as a crime
But few things more addictive than addiction to rhyme
The compulsion is in me to write every day
Though little of value in what I have to say.

Of This Rhyming Addiction

Of this rhyming addiction i may never be free
It was my love of rhyme made a rhymer of me
I used to love reading rhymes when i was a boy
And writing them nowadays is a thing i enjoy

Cell Phone Addiction

In some forms of twenty first century technology for Nature's beauty no win
Than the people and life around him his cell phone he was more interested in
Too busily enamored in the phone to even glance my way
On strangers to him he would not waste a good day

The Voice Of My Addiction

It is known all too well that it is not a crime
But it is not a nice feeling to be addicted to rhyme
An addiction that i have often tried for to give away
But a tiny voice within me to me always does say

Rhyming Is My Addiction

With words i am one who likes to have a play
And i do like to dabble in rhyme every day
Some tell me in rhyme i have said all one can say
And that maybe i ought to give rhyming away

I Am One Who Does Have A Rhyme Addiction

I am one who does have a rhyme addiction and I've written one might say a whole lot of rhyme
Without the reward of prestige, fame or money some do say my efforts seem a waste of time
I am not a poet just an average rhymer one who will never make the Rhymers Hall of Fame
As Neily Flynn of Millstreet Town did often remind me that penning verse can be a hungry belly game

I Never Will Give My Addiction Away

For many years I have been a rhyming buff
And I'm one of those who has penned heaps of stuff
And though not one of the few who does make rhyming pay
I never will give my addiction away

I Have An Addiction

I have an addiction of penning of rhyme
But suppose i could be doing worse with my time
And though in literature i will never be one to the fore
I write rhymes for enjoyment and little else more

True To My Rhyming Addiction

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i am one who has penned a whole heap of stuff
To pen rhymes is easy as easy as can be
Anyone can you can have this from me

It Is My Addiction

Till the Reaper claims the life's breath from me hopefully as an old man
I will carry on rhyming for as long as I can
It is my addiction that I won't deny
Since addictions of all sorts to most do apply

The Voice Of Addiction

My inner voice tells me maybe it is time
That i took a break from penning of doggerel rhyme
But the voice of addiction has it's own say
And urges me not to give rhyming away

Some People Develop An Addiction

Some people develop an addiction and any addiction is not a good thing
One might say an unhealthy habit that through our lives to we do tend to cling
Some are addicted to nicotine and some are addicted to alcohol and some are addicted to narcotics the worst addiction of all
The gene of addiction is in the addictive even before they learn how to crawl,

Some Form Of Addiction

Nearly everyone suffers from some form of addiction nearly everyone is addictive in some way
As for me I suffer a penning addiction I pen a few more doggerls every day
The urge to write in me is so addictive the inspiration of the muse it does transcend
Though I am one who should know from experience that your addiction to you never is your friend

'Tis An Addiction

'Tis an addiction I cannot get rid of for many years with me 'tis been this way
There is this need in me to keep on penning I have to keep on penning every day
The numbers of my doggerels keep growing one might say I've penned heaps of slipshod rhyme
Perhaps I well may end my days in prison if penning of doggerel becomes a crime

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