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Inspired by a poem I read in 'Chicken Soup For The Teenager's Soul'.

I am static
Agony and pain stabs my mind

The young girl
Dark chocolate
Sitting on her throne of abuse
Not her abuse

She has a mask to hide behind
No one seeing through her tears
No one hearing through her silence
Throughout the years

The shots fired out
The scared soldier dashed back to the fort
He had witnessed enough
He had only went to 'experience' war

Here's my cry
I want you to see me

More than I really asked for

I'm a caged bird
Wanting to be free
Attempting to spread my feeble wings
But my attempts are yet in vain

The simple young girl
Thought she needed everything
To be beautiful
But she didn't

This is actually a song I wrote. You can put any beat you want to for it.

I woke up this morning
Feeling not so right

She's a devil's girl
All bad
She's a living devil
Living a living hell

Broken smiles
Kept closed
Just so we could not see
The cracked open faces

I thought I needed you
You were with a different girl every night
I thought we would be together forever
Wasn't that a lie

I am just a child
Wandering, lost and alone
Youthfulness burns alive in my soul
I can do all things through my Lord

My dearest love,
its been a while since I have ever written a poem
about love;
It always seemed as if


You said you would never get tired
Of all the things I do,
You said you’d never leave me,
But are those feelings still true?


I hear the tone in your voice sometimes,
and I wonder what I said to make it be so harsh.

I see your expression when you are unhappy,

This is a true story. I just don't know how to get my feelings out any other way. Look this obituary up, it's the first site listed under Upstate Today.

August 13,2009.

I never thought that this would end this way,
I never thought I’d hear you say this now,
I know that it’s selfish for me to stay,
I want to change, love, but I don’t know how.

This is yet another song I wrote. Again, put any beat to it.

I wish I were away from here
Far off in my special place

Smiles and laughter
Cover her face
You can tell
Its a facade

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There's not really anything to know about me except the things left unsaid. I am one of the deepest person you will ever meet, but if you don't know, that's fine with me. But, I'm not a troubled child, more of a misguided, misunderstood young woman...)

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Dead At 14

Inspired by a poem I read in 'Chicken Soup For The Teenager's Soul'.

I am static
Agony and pain stabs my mind
As I lay here and die alone
I thought I had everything
What is wrong with me?
I'm not dead yet
I have so much to live for still
I'm too young
But I know that I am too late
I see my parents grief
With sad eyes
Friends and family come up and touch my hand
For the last time
This can't be goodbye!
But you can't hear my desperate screams
Goodbye mom, dad
I will miss you
Goodbye forever

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