Have You Seen? Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

Have You Seen?

Rating: 4.8

Have you ever seen a man happy to die?
running and eager, gazing at the site
with doubts resounding and questions like 'WHY'?
but in all still longing for the bitter bite.

Shame, reproach, delusion;
all bygones to his desire
staring and focused without a clause
as he desires been breathless even at all cost.

Plunged through physical wilderness
with eternal scars becoming symbols, I ASK?

Have you seen LOVE?
I mean to its fullness
when one loves in sadness
and cares more for his own traitors
all for the ultimate price of being the SAVIOUR.

Have you seen JESUS?
Our Lord and Source.
He lived as a sacrifice
for the sake of the price.

Ryan Thompson 01 October 2008

hey it's ryan! ! that was very nice and deep i truly loved it, and when you pour your soul into something no grading scale or comment can be enough

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Fay Slimm 01 October 2008

this is a most beautiful tribute to the Leader of Love, as far as christianity believes. This is very well presented.

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Issam Hal 01 October 2008

it's really a nice poem it deserve to be read and for me it deserve to be read more more coz it's so deep

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Rakhi Jayashankar 01 October 2008

meaningful verses lovely poem 10++

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Chinedu Dike 27 July 2019

Writing for the glorification and edification of our Lord, is the hallmark of ingenuity. A beautiful creation written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing, Olisa. Remain enriched.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 09 October 2008

Unexpected! ! ! Such a matured write from a young person. This is really fascinating.

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Egi David Perdana 02 October 2008

have you seen you mind, but this really exist?

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Sandra Fowler 01 October 2008

Very unique and touching. I can only add. Amen. Warm regards, Sandra

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Ashraful Musaddeq 01 October 2008

A poem with a nice form. I love it. 10+ for it.

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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