adil khan Poems

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I Am A Simple Boy

I am a simple boy
i am not a prince
i am not a king
i have not any attractive thing

I Know You Love Me

the night is long and nothing to say,
just hold my hand and cross the way.
binds ur dreams to the dreams of mine
and finds the day the day of shine

Search Of Light

thats not the thing that i wann from my life
thats the dream that i watch at my night

its a something, something something

Akyly Hi Chalna Hai Tujhe

kyon rota hai,
kyon sisakta hai tu,
kon hai tera.
jo iss shehar main bhatakta hai tu.

An Inspiring Lady

An inspiring lady,
who cross the sky.
breaks all the limits,
for a higher fly.

A Lonely Night

A lonely night,

just me and fog.

Shayad Bhool Hi Jaygee Wo

kab tak nazer churaygee wo,
kab tak jhooth dikhaygee wo

kya rakkha hai teree duniya main,

Sab Badal Rha Hai

pyar mohabbat, rang-o-boo,
thoda sa main, thoda tu

sab badal rha hai

When I Was Alone

when i was alone,
at the home.
between the walls,
like a dome.

Tum Hi To Ho

shamo sehar, aatho pehar
jo dhoonde nazer
wo tum hi to ho

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