I Am A Simple Boy Poem by adil khan

I Am A Simple Boy

Rating: 3.4

I am a simple boy
i am not a prince
i am not a king
i have not any attractive thing
to gives you joy
i am a simple boy
I don't know
how can say
i dont know
the talking way
people laughed at me
i am a joke
i am a simple boy
who dont smoke
I am a simple boy
but i have some dreams
which is too higher
& i have a strong desire

my desire is not so week
& i know that
one day this simple thing
are made unique

*Aishwarya. P* 24 February 2007

Yes u are right that small things make some day unique

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Aliyah Al-Sharji 21 March 2007

good poem well done ;)

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Pia Andersson 25 March 2007

I like your poem a lot..anyone who has a mind like yours will be seen and listen to. Dont worry Wishing you a day full of joy-Pia

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Sheikh Hina Yasmeen 10 April 2007

very nice, Adil. Keep it up.

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Melvina Germain 13 February 2007

Excellent write, no one has the right to laugh at, points fingers, or taunt in any way. Everyone has a right to a safe and pleasant life. Having said that, the one that points fingers, makes fun of, they are the simple ones and one can only feel pity for such people.---Melvina---

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Morsalin 18 November 2017

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Hazel Durham 03 March 2013

Fresh, humble and very interesting about a boy that stands out for telling it as it is and in knowing we are all unique!

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Priya Gupta 13 January 2012

unique poem... nice one...

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Indira Renganathan 08 June 2009

Simply interesting10

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Ayesha Ahmad 25 June 2007

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww ur poem tells me a lot about you your a great person and a simple boy hahaha anyway look out for my poems im going to add some soon promise take care xxxx

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