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I am a simple boy
i am not a prince
i am not a king
i have not any attractive thing

the night is long and nothing to say,
just hold my hand and cross the way.
binds ur dreams to the dreams of mine
and finds the day the day of shine

thats not the thing that i wann from my life
thats the dream that i watch at my night

its a something, something something

kyon rota hai,
kyon sisakta hai tu,
kon hai tera.
jo iss shehar main bhatakta hai tu.

An inspiring lady,
who cross the sky.
breaks all the limits,
for a higher fly.

A lonely night,

just me and fog.

kab tak nazer churaygee wo,
kab tak jhooth dikhaygee wo

kya rakkha hai teree duniya main,

pyar mohabbat, rang-o-boo,
thoda sa main, thoda tu

sab badal rha hai

when i was alone,
at the home.
between the walls,
like a dome.

shamo sehar, aatho pehar
jo dhoonde nazer
wo tum hi to ho

something is wrong
but i don't know what.
with in my life
with in my way's.

uff ye na jany kaisy halat hain,
jaisy koi kalee rat hai
badly ye manzar ye
dua kar raha hoon khuda

koyee kahee iss duniya main,
meree baton ko sunta hai.
vo anjana ajnabee,
mere kwabon ko bunta hai.

He is differ,

from the all.


a piece of paper

koi dard nahi hai ab,

to ye faryaad kyon rahy.

wo paas hon to doree
wo door hon to doree
meree apni majboree
unki apni majboree

why the sky,
are so blue.
why the men,
are thrusty too.

ek phool lagaya tha
barson pehle mene bhee guldan main.
na phool raha na guldan raha.
fir ye mehak kyo bakee hai.

you have dreams, you have ways
always you watching it why
because you wants to fly

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wellcome to the world of my imagination.a world of a small heart with some huge dreams.i am adil born at gwalior (india) .student of computer applications.a complicated person hard to understand.thats it! contact me -

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I Am A Simple Boy

I am a simple boy
i am not a prince
i am not a king
i have not any attractive thing
to gives you joy
i am a simple boy
I don't know
how can say
i dont know
the talking way
people laughed at me
i am a joke
i am a simple boy
who dont smoke
I am a simple boy
but i have some dreams
which is too higher
& i have a strong desire

my desire is not so week
& i know that
one day this simple thing
are made unique

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Rushi Patel 30 March 2007

I realy like you're poem on I wants to Fly. I am going to make more poems on my list. I hope you like them and if you do then please send a comment and even is u don't send a comment ok? And by the way Hi.

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Arshia Khan 28 February 2007

poems achi tho hai kush mai comment likthia

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*Aishwarya. P* 24 February 2007

Hey I like every poem of yours.

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