Aeronius D. McCoy

Rookie - 379 Points [Sandy Anderson, Pavel Doukhoborovic, Gio de Boa Sorte, Henry Doss, Samson Philistrine, Borbo Nocturne, Sonny Danketz, Aero Sonrisa] (December of '83, Year of the Swatch™ / aboard the flying gunship Reagan)

Aeronius D. McCoy Poems

1. Longbow, Lowtide 5/7/2013
2. Phantom Songs Echo 5/9/2013
3. Metamorphose 5/9/2013
4. Risen Morning Address 5/9/2013
5. Social Till Today 5/11/2013
6. My Summers, All The Exclamation 9/3/2013
7. The Lost Man 9/14/2013
8. Grace Beyond Margins 9/18/2013
9. Building Something New In The Night 10/4/2013
10. Sound Of Falling Snow O'Er Head 10/4/2013
11. A Frowny-Faced Band-Aid® On Bandied, Magnanimous Words 11/25/2013
12. Oh Faraway Beauty 1/15/2014
13. Wildfire The Ephemeral 1/15/2014
14. World As Puzzle 1/18/2014
15. When I'M Getting Older And You'Re So Faraway 1/19/2014
16. The Legend Of Young Mccoy [a Really Rough Start] 11/29/2013
17. Words And Lovers 1/27/2014
18. We, The Sky, The Machine 7/1/2014
19. Four Tires In The Western Hemisphere Roll Home 7/1/2014
20. Cycle Me Home 7/19/2014
21. Divergence 7/19/2014
22. An Age Pulled Apart 7/19/2014
23. Wallowed Spark 7/21/2014
24. Surge, The Night Unseen: There Is A Dawn 9/3/2014
25. As A Lover Would 10/5/2014
26. Where The Wind Never 10/11/2014
27. Beautiful Lies Of The Unspoken 10/23/2014
28. Across Silent, Vast Distance 11/9/2014
29. Waves Under Delicate Fires 11/20/2014
30. Where Is Seaward Light 4/18/2015
31. A Roadtrip Vision: Homage To Gio 4/18/2015
32. Five Years 4/23/2015
33. Fuses In The Wind 6/2/2015
34. The Parade's Over 6/3/2015
35. Between Two Mouths 1/16/2016
36. A Song Of Scars And Melody 3/4/2016
37. A Rooftop Above Moving Pictures 11/28/2016
38. A Free Verse Of Fall 11/28/2013
39. Spoken Eyes 1/27/2014
40. Welcome To A Brave New Light 10/28/2013

Comments about Aeronius D. McCoy

  • Aeronius D. Mccoy Aeronius D. Mccoy (9/14/2013 1:02:00 AM)

    Welcome, I have little feel for meter and verse, but I enjoy wordworking all the same.

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Best Poem of Aeronius D. McCoy

A Flame Lasts A Short Time

A flame lasts a short time
A dream lasts portions of a night
Handheld devices last five years or so
With how the airwaves blow,
Invisible in flight
Skywriting a name, chisel to chest
A mind's ocean billows, soft and expansive torment
Flows and fades in azure mirror's wind

The moment of dream fizzle,
Realizing a pillow
Is not her
Only the mockingbird sings
Different tunes
For a bloom fated to wither

So I'll try any scheme
Any job to get down South
To ride a cloud, ride a jet,
Effervesce on gamma sunbeam
A starlit shroud
To ...

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With the tremble
Touch of expand and death
Locust shells
Quiver, crack, fall, patter
to fly into the sun
Splitting in their delight
To know of
Time-shucked cobs
In a season of harvest

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