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Brown the colour
An earthy hue
Seen as duller
An evil review

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My life is happy
I feel joy too and through

To let go

The first word
Isn't much
You may not care
You may not even look

'Boy, how do you feel with that gun, ?
Do you feel cool? '
'Boy, put the gun down,
Do you feel safe, ?

Oh, what I'd give for them to stay,
As I saw the petals float away,

My mind racing with intense emotion,

'Why are you so aggressive? '
Unknowingly oppressive
Open my mouth once


Does time

The sky up above, a canvas of wonder and grace
An eternal expanse where dreams chase
From dawn's first blush to twilight's embrace
It paints a masterpiece for every land and every race


I am the wilting flower,
Bent but unbroken,
The scars etched on my skin,
Testaments of the battles fought within

Let us reclaim politics, with integrity and grace
A space for dialogue, where we all can have a place
Where compassion and empathy guide each decision
Uplifting the vulnerable, creating an undying vision


I am the dreamer,
The keeper of dreams
From the chains of history,
Liberation gleams

Brown skin
Sun-kissed, sun children
Dancing, spinning, twirling
It made me feel hope

Afia Gyimah Biography

Hello, I'm Afia, I'm 20 years old and I am from Philly, PA. I am an African American woman with active roots still in my African Ancestry, I am of Ghanaian descent. Life was pretty rough for me growing up so I like to sometimes speak about these struggles and burdens that I have to carry and remember, sometimes I will include small bits of these in my poems. I just like to write about whatever I feel like and I just let my emotion take over, I post as much of my work as I can on here. I hope my pieces speak to others and I hope I can inspire at least one person or invoke some sort of emotion onto a person. Thank you all who look at my work and may God bless your wonderful heart and soul.)

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We Are Nature

Brown the colour
An earthy hue
Seen as duller
An evil review

Just like dirt, they say
Lighter is pure
A non-evil display
You should feel more secure

But what they don't know
Whether they see it as tar
Is that it's a beautiful show
Of culture from long and far

When the sun hits our skin
A burnt umber it creates
A reflection of the golden beauty within
Just one of our many wonderful traits

So say we're sunburnt
Say that white is innocence
But that's just what's current
The wonders of this black magnificence

It is truly a blessing
To be the colour in which
Flowers emerge, expressing
The beauty we enrich

Because flowers
Are Mother natures greatest creation
Able to bloom because of what brown empowers
A golden radiation

Unable to be burnt by the sun
Because the sun kisses us
So when they say that our beauty is none
Do not make a fuss

For we are loved by all aspects of nature
Everything they compare us to
The dirt still produces beauty, the creator
The flowers, and the sun, it's true

For this earthy hue
Is associated with all parts
Of beauty in our world that grew

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Afia Gyimah Quotes

Cultivate kindness like a garden, for its blossoms have the power to transform the world

Cats are the epitome of grace, silently teaching us that sometimes, the most profound presence is found in the quietest of beings.

The sky contains so much; light and darkness, rain and shade, and the stars that guide so many in the dark, but even then, for some, the sky still falls, and that is the weight of worlds.

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