We Are Nature Poem by Afia Gyimah

We Are Nature

Rating: 5.0

Brown the colour
An earthy hue
Seen as duller
An evil review

Just like dirt, they say
Lighter is pure
A non-evil display
You should feel more secure

But what they don't know
Whether they see it as tar
Is that it's a beautiful show
Of culture from long and far

When the sun hits our skin
A burnt umber it creates
A reflection of the golden beauty within
Just one of our many wonderful traits

So say we're sunburnt
Say that white is innocence
But that's just what's current
The wonders of this black magnificence

It is truly a blessing
To be the colour in which
Flowers emerge, expressing
The beauty we enrich

Because flowers
Are Mother natures greatest creation
Able to bloom because of what brown empowers
A golden radiation

Unable to be burnt by the sun
Because the sun kisses us
So when they say that our beauty is none
Do not make a fuss

For we are loved by all aspects of nature
Everything they compare us to
The dirt still produces beauty, the creator
The flowers, and the sun, it's true

For this earthy hue
Is associated with all parts
Of beauty in our world that grew

D.N. Rebb 05 June 2023

A beautiful message and a great poem. I loved it.5+ Stars

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Afia Gyimah 05 June 2023

Thank you so very much for your very kind words, have a wonderful day or night.

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Richard Wlodarski 05 June 2023

Wow! This is a poem that truly deserves a HUGE readership! My vote for POEM OF THE DAY! Afia, I can't express enough how your message NEEDS to be shared with THE WORLD!

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Afia Gyimah 05 June 2023

Thank you so much, Richard. You have no idea how much your comment means to me. Have a blessed day or night.

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