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Mother, can you hear me?
Mother, screaming out in agony
Mother, I just want you to come home and scream out to me

(Just inspired by experiences of others and my surroundings)

They see on the first glance and began to ake strategies to get into that girls pants.
They operate, stratergize and hallucinate their alternative ways and see what kind of girls could they get in a number count of days.

Yes...finally i have deleted this thing out of my life
He is deleted off my buddy list even tho i hesitated twice
I even dreamt about being his wife not thinking about all of the consequences with dealing with his strife!
Yes...finally i have deleted him out of my life


(this is suppose to be a Haiku, and i had many version of this but i guess this is the best!)

10-11-93 is when pity was born
when unbelievers, fornicators, and thieves were born
10-11-93 is when prejudice was born
when Emmit Till was sabatoged and killed of looking the wrong

(wow i jus sat down here and wrote this poem...didnt even kno where this was going to lead me or what to write about..but i love it...but i need a title.....'Free'..'Not Being Free'...or 'And thats True'....help me to decide!) ..okay im going with the title 'The Imprisoned Noun'

My relapse is the brown skin...brohawk,6 feet bogus guy, who really isnt my type - and i dont love but I want and like him - why? ? ?

HE IS MY RELAPSE..needing the satisfaction and the calming relaxation of my nerves, because if I dont get my drug I become an unwanty junky...beginning to beg for change and for food since im hungry...putting myself in the industry of prostitution that i risk getting raped....getting serious migrane headaches and developing the shakes.

Are you worth the pain, agony, sweat and tears
worth of unhappiness, pain and fears.
Is Anybody Worth That?
Are you worth opening yourself up like a trash can, letting all types of garbage come in - metal and plastic..things that takes away your value from within?

(people who know me...this is just something that naturally came out when i started to write...not a true story..jus haad to let yall know)

His ingorance caught my attention on the primary glance even thought his attitude was so uncharming.
His annoying ways pushed my back up against the wall leaving me to have all my innocent ways fall.

(i really dont like it but whatever)

They got the same nose...o wow look at the size of his and her chin...you cant tell me that she did not orignate from within
They both have the same place of dimples and development of pimples but most importantly do they share the same DNA? ...but he is denyng her bcuz he was gay and although he dont wanna have nothing to do with them...she looks jus like him

Thinking about the days I use to dream
Only able to afford quarter juices & welfare ice cream
Growing up seeing brothers in gangs, children begging for change and boys tryna spit game
Game...game was life... mothers giving there daughters up for a sacrifice....

Ahtivah Lawton Biography

O yeah im from Brooklyn..born and raised on the playground my gandmother said in most of my days..chilling out back relaxin all cool jumping sum double dutch outside the skool..wen a couple of a gurls they was up to no good..starting to have babies in the neighborhood..i kissed one little boy and my mom got scared and she said ur moving with ur grandmother in the heart of BROOKLYN! ! ! ...lol)

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Mother, can you hear me?
Mother, screaming out in agony
Mother, I just want you to come home and scream out to me

And say - I love you and im so happy that you are around. You lift me up and make me smile from within

Mother, why do u have to abandon me
kick me out then try to talk to me
Mother, I just want to hold you and fly away to the unknown
Take to me to the deep sea, and just fly alone
Mother, lets experience pain, happiness, amd sorrow 2gether
Because tomorrow is not a guarantee of u and me forever
Mother why did u leave me?
Arent you suppose to cuddle in your fluffy breast..to protect me like you know best i guess?
Mother why do u act like that?
Arent you suppose to comfort and treat me just like that
Mother, I need you in my life
Because im living in a time where im just made to live without a mother..I guess!
When i cry at night i need you to be there and tell that its gona be alright
Mother mother motehr, I guess i did well without u in my life
Because many times i was taken advantage of my virginity rights last night
Mother, sometime i cry at night becuase u dont understand why im so uptight
Mother i feel your sweat on me from doin wat did last night
Mother sometimes it hits me at what u do but im the daughter and you are u

Mother i dont need you now
I have substituted my frowns with smiles
Mother you have made me upset to the best that i can possibly be, but dont forget that you have a daughter and thats me!
Becuz this daughter is not gonna be here and is gonna deny you of being her Mother!

MOTHERRRRRR! ! ! ! ! !

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Ahtivah Lawton 12 October 2009

you have improved tremendously with ur writing....keep it up

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