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I hear him calling
from far,
I go my way
not listening

You bring me back
from the forest of my darkness,
You know where I have been,

You take me with you my heart,
In your travels from one end
to the other
like you have been pushed by a certain force,


I lost my companion
I am waiting for it to return
I thought
I would be more without it

As the cloud floats up in the hills
We watch it from a distance
We think we are so far away and can’t reach it..
And then in an instant,

With white garments
from head to toe
Their arms stretch wide
Their voices rise

What is this sound that rings in my ears?
This stream that gushes through my veins?
A bright light that has come from the stars?
This sensation that leaves a stain on my heart?

Great faith in stillness
in things words cannot grasp
in ceaseless messages
that come out of silence

The center
that holds this life
is love.
Under the gravity of discontent


This feeling of darkness
encircled by bright light
I hold the swaying image
I wait for it to unfold.

You wait for the moment
you give yourself back to yourself
and recognize it.
Take notice of its soft whisper,

I wonder how it is,
That the tail of a day
Becomes the head of a night.
How Love conquers the heart

Is it a choice that we live?
Not ours
But the one in us
I say yes


Feeling so up
so full of myself
I feel guitly
thinking I'm not allowed.

On the last day of the year
that has passed,
turned around
to see what I’ve learned,

That thing
that can't go away
that earning
that hopes for a better day,

I get used to it again
where I am,
then I hear you calling
time to be packing


How I long for you
How I wait for you,
to come and find me
see me

I ask him to give me a sign,
a validation that he is listening
on this day that I am on the road
on the way to a different home.

See the light creeping in
it's time for the morning
It has come!
a new day

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I hear him calling
from far,
I go my way
not listening
In my own mind
my eyes closed
dwelling in my own
tiny world
my mind racing,
where it's heading
my feet following my mind
just going
not looking.

Can't go on anymore
I hear my heart
lend me a hand
I am exhausted
I say my hands are mine
and don't want to be touched
if you extend me yours
mine cannot be found
and don't play with my mind
it's used to what it knows
if you tell it new things
it cannot understand.

Just stand still a moment!

i need air to go on
I long for his whisper
need to hear when it calls
I recognize his voice
in the sweet air I take
that's how I remember
my creator's true name.

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Shihabudheen K J 05 December 2010

Nice.inspirational.can you read any one of my poem and comment.

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