Just My Father Poem by Akilleas Sideous

Just My Father

Rating: 5.0

He was not that tall and not that small but he would always say he would take you all he was mighty to me he could tame the sea he was as dark as a moonless night but just a little light his head was bald but that did not stop him at all he may have gotten drunk but he never lost his funk to me he was old that’s were that word was told but deep inside he never had anything to hide he spoke what he felt to who he felt it was delt mean words to those he felt deserved those words needed to be heard he was as strong as ten men at that time when I thought he would live forever but now he’s gone but I know he is still strong and to allot of people he knew he was a lot of things but to me he is still just my father


Om my..... This was sad but amazing at the same time. A lot of emotions. I really like and enjoy your poem.

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Wade Blade 22 June 2011

WOW really touching... I thought I was going to cry!

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