alex sarich Poems

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To Be A Rose For A Day

A day in the life of a Rose
arousing Spring with divine fragrance
guiding an elegant silky slender stem
through surrounding blankets of green flesh

Birthday Poem For My Son David

With each day passing
endless thoughts arrived
I walk away and dream
that they have survived

My Changing Self

I would like to translate

my mind of mangled mess

Channels Of Change

We see our life through an open door
the truth can be contagious
our defence is pervious
as honest human beings

A 30th Anniversary

We have been wed 30 years together
feels we have known each other forever
celebrating all our happiness
the toasting of lasting togetherness.

Reflections Of Being 70 Years Old.

I'm 70 years old
so I've been told
I feel I've grown
with life now I own

Facing Life

Farewell our Son
he is safe now
a path for him is cleared.
his flesh no longer feel

The White Light

I walked into a dark corridor
of an ageing time past
faded when I greeted slumber.
A nightmare scorned

A Chosen Path

Life can be valued through fate
A ride through roads at the top of life
Unbalanced, causing chaotic strife
Full of relentless despair

Dylan Thomas, A Human Being He Was

One says, one thinks, but who knows? ,
who cares? , charisma glows
historians, journalists, and friends
opinions divided, dictum's and trends

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