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I am a retired worker who currently lives in South Wales, U K. A tragedy has empowered me to write poetry, using it as a tool to heal and help others.
I am inspired to write about life and nature, and poets Robert Frost and
Maya Angelou has been my inspiration.

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To Be A Rose For A Day

A day in the life of a Rose
arousing Spring with divine fragrance
guiding an elegant silky slender stem
through surrounding blankets of green flesh
standing out as being sharp, hardy
therefore attractive, persistently arrogant
possessing a swagger with guile
a no-nonsense approach to
whoever encroach the space
just posing in the garden
flirting, attracting birds, bees
through perfumed aroma
from petals with petulance
fifteen years of growing in the same patch
emerging with young green leaf
sprouting new buds makes a serious
contender for Rose of the year

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