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A day in the life of a Rose
arousing Spring with divine fragrance
guiding an elegant silky slender stem
through surrounding blankets of green flesh

With each day passing
endless thoughts arrived
I walk away and dream
that they have survived

I would like to translate

my mind of mangled mess

We see our life through an open door
the truth can be contagious
our defence is pervious
as honest human beings

We have been wed 30 years together
feels we have known each other forever
celebrating all our happiness
the toasting of lasting togetherness.

I'm 70 years old
so I've been told
I feel I've grown
with life now I own

Farewell our Son
he is safe now
a path for him is cleared.
his flesh no longer feel

I walked into a dark corridor
of an ageing time past
faded when I greeted slumber.
A nightmare scorned

Life can be valued through fate
A ride through roads at the top of life
Unbalanced, causing chaotic strife
Full of relentless despair

One says, one thinks, but who knows? ,
who cares? , charisma glows
historians, journalists, and friends
opinions divided, dictum's and trends

In a life
he is the absence of life,
death is meaningless
we give enough,

Laugh so the world can laugh with you
cry and you cry alone
you take out of life what you put in
sorrow walks before you

A stigma it carries (mental health)
discriminating against all
emotions in society, sending
them to hell and back, but through

A calm subsides within my shell
sober in mind though still in hell
senses yearn attentive sort
feelings nurtured thoughts abort.

Let the rain roll down the face
Hiding tears of sadness for
Our grief will come to us
Without even asking, playing

Every time I walk through God's gates
I'm greeted with a smile
Guided by his hand with a timetable for visits
With each of us spending moments

Another birthday arrives
To celebrate your living years
And reminisce over memories
Of yesteryear from child to teen

I bend my heart around yours
to touch tenderness it traces,
through veins with happy blood
flowing our togetherness

It's rarely seen during the day
a camouflage, at night silhouette
predator with feathers, browny grey
round head, dark eyes a threat.

When we wake up tomorrow
our lives are filled with sorrow
no matter what, you'll be sleeping
Jimmy, we will all be weeping.

alex sarich Biography

I am a retired worker who currently lives in South Wales, U K. A tragedy has empowered me to write poetry, using it as a tool to heal and help others. I am inspired to write about life and nature, and poets Robert Frost and Maya Angelou has been my inspiration.)

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To Be A Rose For A Day

A day in the life of a Rose
arousing Spring with divine fragrance
guiding an elegant silky slender stem
through surrounding blankets of green flesh
standing out as being sharp, hardy
therefore attractive, persistently arrogant
possessing a swagger with guile
a no-nonsense approach to
whoever encroach the space
just posing in the garden
flirting, attracting birds, bees
through perfumed aroma
from petals with petulance
fifteen years of growing in the same patch
emerging with young green leaf
sprouting new buds makes a serious
contender for Rose of the year

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