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I’m incomplete.
I know it’s true.
But I have my feet
To get to you.

I began a soldier,
Quite a time ago,
When my heart was bolder
And my blood could flow.

I was traveling through the sands
In my small white car,
The work if idle hands,
Or at least so far.

There is a place for you and I,
A place beneath the stars,
Where hope shall never die
And we can call it ours.

Do not be coy
My patient lover.
We are not far from troy,
Nor from cover.

My beloved buzzard,
My bird of a dying day,
Why wait until I’m so weak and weary
To feast upon your prey?

I have found my place
Near the bottom of a hill.
The top was lonely,
Windy, and shrill.

I sat patiently without a tear,
As the people stopped and stared.
I knew why we were all here,
But acted as if nobody cared.

Many can move from side to side,
Some can move diagonally,
Making it easy to run or hide,
But a pawn I shall always be.

I caught him staring at me,
He offered me a sweet savory smile.
I sat still,

I was given the option,
Of choosing my end.
A simple decision,
And to heaven ascend.

Here is my letter
To the man in the moon.
A man who has it better,
Eating off his silver spoon.

I sit on the ground
Looking at your lovely stare.
I know as you look down
I can almost touch you there.

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finally a star to shine...)

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I'M Incomplete

I’m incomplete.
I know it’s true.
But I have my feet
To get to you.

It is such a bitter test;
The time has come to go.
I shall head due west,
Though the lands are low.

I travel light
To keep the pace,
Through the night
Continuing the race.

Day one finds the past
And I release a sigh.
But my hopes should last,
So long as I stay dry.

I’m again pursued by doubt,
Now that day seven has found me.
Quite a ways for just one route,
But I still travel soundly.

But walking feet grow sore,
And weariness is at its best.
I will travel little more
Before I find my rest.

Then just as I feared,
To add to the pain,
The sun disappeared,
And I drank of the rain.

But I lift my head
And keep you on my mind.
My life lies ahead,
Though I left it all behind.

Now this river divides the way.
I slowly swim closer to death,
As I frantically begin to pray,
And desperately gasp for breath.

What a foolish thing to begin,
A victim of my passion.
Unmasking once again,
Cupid as the assassin.

But the river was not too deep,
Nor the bear to strong.
The mountain was not to steep,
And now I will not be long.

So now I run,
And with such haste,
Chasing the sun,
Keeping time from waste.

Traveling from shore to shore,
Making my way to this home,
Knocking from door to door,
Only to find, I’m all alone.

Are my lover’s eyes blind?
Or is there no pair that true love can combine?

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