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No Faith?

In life and death,
Travelling amongst the pain and beauty of the world,
Listless, we walk towards a bleak infinity.
Where are we?

My Garden At Night

What is it that comes out to play,
In the darkness of the night?
Digs holes and takes the bread away,
But in the day keeps out of sight.


Some people say I am the best at swearing,
With pointy, poky emphasis, on the syllables I'm airing,
With the '', and the '' and the '..ick' and the '..uck'
Sometimes all that comes out out of my mouth is just muck....

Moomoos (Aka Cleo The Cat)

'MooooooMoooooos! ! ! ! '
'MiiiiiiMiiiiims! ! ! ! '
'How you do! ! ! '
'U OK! ! ! '

The Christmas Truce 1914

There was a time among the dead,
A corner of some foreign field,
Where legions made and marches led,
Where Tommys lay and fates were sealed.

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