Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

(6 June 1799 – 10 February 1837 / Moscow)

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin Poems

1. 'I am in Chains...' 11/26/2015
2. 'Oh, Laziness, Come...' 4/27/2016
3. Devils 3/30/2016
4. The Bronze Horseman 1/13/2016
5. No Tears 11/22/2014
6. The Flower 1/2/2015
7. I Loved You Once 6/4/2015
8. Dear Chains 11/22/2014
9. The Water-Nymph 11/22/2014
10. Under A Portrait Of Jukowsky 3/31/2010
11. The Delibash 3/31/2010
12. The Song Of The Kasak 3/31/2010
13. The Caucas 3/31/2010
14. To The Don 3/31/2010
15. To Chadaev 3/31/2010
16. The High Road In Winter 3/31/2010
17. Why Feed The Early Signs Of Boredom? 3/31/2010
18. The Roussalka 3/31/2010
19. The Bakchesarian Fountain 3/31/2010
20. Winter Evening 3/31/2010
21. The Duel 3/31/2010
22. Thou And You 3/31/2010
23. To Lily 3/31/2010
24. The Poet 3/31/2010
25. The Coach Of Life 3/31/2010
26. The Vision 3/31/2010
27. Upon The Hills Of Georgia 3/31/2010
28. Night Piece 3/31/2010
29. Under The Blue Skies... 3/31/2010
30. Impromtu On Ogareva 3/31/2010
31. The Memorial 3/31/2010
32. The Coming Of Winter 3/31/2010
33. She 3/31/2010
34. Thoughts 3/31/2010
35. The Black Shawl 3/31/2010
36. To... (Kern) 3/31/2010
37. To Natasha 3/31/2010
38. The Last Flower 3/31/2010
39. Goblins Of The Steppes 3/31/2010
40. Tatiana's Letter 3/31/2010

Comments about Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

  • jeff kaplan (12/5/2017 1:49:00 PM)

    thats it youre getting nerfed for being a good poet

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  • Koena Mokoena Koena Mokoena (10/29/2011 3:45:00 AM)

    Good morning!

    I am one of the young up & coming poet from South Africa, hence i want to comment on your poem titled.. I loved you.. It reminds me of my love, because i had difficult challenges when i was in love, but after i read it, i felt like i can express myself better than before & that is great for me as a young person. Keep up the good work Sir! you are an inspiration to the nation. Can i come & visit you this festive season? Because next year, i am invited to an Indian ceremony to recite my poems to an Indian audience... We need grandfathers like you, in order for us to be successful.

    Have a nice day!

    Yours in South Africa.
    Mr. Koena France Mokoena
    Cell : +27710329734

  • Galina Rudenco (7/14/2011 1:42:00 AM)

    Alexander Sergheevich was born to bring love to all this world and to prove that life is a Noble fight, which makes a man- Man and garanty him Eternity.

  • Kainwo Moses (5/22/2009 8:49:00 AM)

    Brutally honest-great!

  • Steven Willow (5/22/2004 2:09:00 PM)

    there is nothing stronger then words of wit.whatever you do please do not quit.for this is the way to haveing the keep it up hour by hour, as a poet your work is never complete.untill the time comes that we must take a seat.if and when it comes into your life.just remember how your few words helped with all of lifes strife. for there is only one thing we cannot not ever measure.thats how we can get a little bit of just keep on doing your thing.and sit back and watch the pleasure it does bring.thank you and may god bless us all.steven willow.

Best Poem of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

I Loved You

I loved you, and I probably still do,
And for a while the feeling may remain...
But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.
I loved you; and the hopelessness I knew,
The jealousy, the shyness - though in vain -
Made up a love so tender and so true
As may God grant you to be loved again.

Translated by Genia Gurarie, 11/10/95

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The Night

My voice that is for you the languid one, and gentle,
Disturbs the velvet of the dark night's mantle,
By my bedside, a candle, my sad guard,
Burns, and my poems ripple and merge in flood --
And run the streams of love, run, full of you alone,
And in the dark, your eyes shine like the precious stones,
And smile to me, and hear I the voice:
My friend, my sweetest friend... I love... I'm yours... I'm yours!

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