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the words they say hurt,
life burns,
so hard to keep that razor,
away from my skin,

a lonley girl wishes for one thing,
and one thing only,
to end her life,
only one person can changer her mind,

the churning in my belly,
gets worse everyday,
who would want to live in this place?
abusive behavior,

i want to fly,
but everytime i try,
i fall,
my pain,

its started with something,
someone slipped in my drink,
then i felt dizzy and started to sleep,
the next thing i know your inside of me,

this anger burns deep within,
every minute the fire burns brighter,
time is ticking,
waiting to see who will be on the other side of this raging flame,

you took my hand,
You told me you loved me,
then why did you leave me?

how come i dont have yu anymore?
how come yur not there?
why am i so scared?
i hide behind my dyed hair,

I am Loveless,
It means exactly what it says,
I do not love, I will not accept love,
All this pain and anger,

it sits on the counter,
so warm and so red,
it sits on the table,
next to the bed,

you are one of the many battles,
being held in my heart,
they are painfull,
they last long,

Pain and misery are all i know,
unill i was bestowed,
on thing above all others,
the love and joy of another,

it stays in my head,
driving me mad,
the anger controls everything,

time doesnt matter anyhow,
life has its own way of bringing me down,
my sky is grey,
im fading away,

**note- this poem has nothing to do with my life, and no it is not to my ex either**
A dark Angel,
lost in his own darkness,
crying for help,

the castle with barred windows,
is where i now reside,
a black heart on the wall,
no way to go outside,


she hits,
i bleed,
my life is nothing to her,
I'm useless to her,

I am crippled,
but only my heart is cracked,
simply becuz i was taken aback,
i was foolish to trust yu,

my mind travles in circles,
my eyes go black,
youll never have this back,
you went to far,

time heals nothing,
fires of hell grow every day,
she hits me still,
my blood covers the walls and the carpet,

Alicia Roseberry Biography

Okay, Im alicia, aka: Little Fluffii Ninja Squirrel :) Im all alone in this world other than.. well me.. but im trying to now have a positive outlook on life. When I first made my profile on this website i was a lonely depressed teenager and my poems reflected that. Now I am a lonely almost adult with no life and living on a road to nowhere. Thing is tho, I live life to the best of my ability and put everybody else above me.... life still has its ups and downs, but i am working to change my outlook. I love with all my heart, I hate with all my heart, and if you break my heart, prepare to face the wrath of my best friends :) EMO they dont know why im always wearing black, and why i stare at the sky so deeply, but behind this one long sided hair, theres my eyes with a THICK EYE LINER, saying: FIX ME IM BROKEN.... Its painful to sit back and watch my family do the things they do on christmas, when they want me in no part of it. i have no idea what i am even here for, i am useless, so broken, almost like my dead cat. i only want his return, but i know it will never happen, so i try to move on, but i cannot sleep, i am scared, he isnt there anymore, he just disapeared. he was my entire reason for living, so i start becoming suicidal, i get put back into the 'hospital' where they pump anti-depressants and mood-stabilizers, not realizing what it did to me.....)

The Best Poem Of Alicia Roseberry

**let Go, Let Go**

the words they say hurt,
life burns,
so hard to keep that razor,
away from my skin,
away from the scars,
the need to create new ones,
it grows by the minute,
so hard to control,
my aunts,
so worried,
of what i might do next,
i keep my will,
i throw the razor out the window,
i tell myself,
let go, let go,
dont do this,
you're not perfect,
you need to,
let go, let go,
of these feellings,
sit quietly and just,
let go, let go.

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Johnny Noir 06 March 2010

Do you do readings? I think many ppl would enjoy hearing your work read aloud. I'm sure you would gather many fans and then you'd cheer up and they'd be like, 'What happened to all the darkness & pain? ' And you'd be like, Oh, but I'm happy now! '-)

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Becca Leonard 05 August 2009

you are a really good poet! ! ! ! ! ! :)

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