Alison Gaff Poems

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Its like the worlds stopped turning
Without you by my side
But then I look and wonder
At the changing countryside

Busy Angels

Angles are always busy
Be it by day or night,
They clean and polish every star,
That's why they shine so bright.

The Jay

Another of my favourites
Has to be the jay
Its call is very hard and harsh
But to hear it makes my day

Changing Weather

Sunrise today was a colourful sight
But fast it faded to dingy light
Now underneath a leaden sky
One man and his dog jog by

Sleeping Stars

Everywhere is dark and still
With nothing much to see
But as I turn the corner
The new moon does greet me

A Lovers Kiss

Its a mizzle, drizzle morning
Dark grey blanket clouds above
It really is quite miserable
Unless you are in love

Little Jenny Wren

I love the little Jenny Wren
But he can be hard to see
Constantly hopping here and there
Preferring low bushes to a tree

An Early Bird Walk

I've just been on a bird walk
With some like minded folk
Organised by 'Forgotten Landscapes'
And Ed Drewitt was the bloke

After The Funeral

So now the family and friends are gone
And you are on your own
Remember that we all still care
So just pick up the phone


There is a star that shines so bright
In the deepths of the long dark night
It comforts me to see it there
And makes me think that you still care

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