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Remember the day
We confessed albeit too late
You afar through a network and I lay
In bed talking to a roommate

without a you
ember has done it

The dying—atop this burning mountain,
espy not the living—beneath this fertile land,

When you
Long for me (when I am not by your side)
Stretch your sight
To the blank pages of night(I belong to the shades of night)

Is it not late
to inspire a dying man,
when he sees ethereal beings
the winged celestial lights? human beings

The moon gleams here on the river
amidst stars- varied sizes and shapes
the heavens descend on these waters
so that we may have a closer and truer sight

They came to Bama killing
Into black flames of hell they went- killed

Often a friend wonder
whether pen down this poem?

I say:

Poetry I write
Now as always at night
It'll be said when it's right
Poetry's language of a kind


Like the bodypen
and the liquidink

Galloping on the laden air
About the neighbourhood
Was a girl—four year old
Beautiful and innocent


At Bama
roaring flames of burning homes
Chased sleeping night
To the hollow embrace of unripe morning

Their facial expressions cry aloud
frustrations and despair
against thin walls of confused minds:

At one dark Night in a solitary bed
amidst dwindling voices with heavens
freely dangling on the forehead
it dawned on my mind a faint presence

(For you, the dead and the confused beings,
For that person in me and you, for the trespassing presence in us)

One by one, we depart this ephemeral bliss

And now I've come thus far
I must return to where it began:
I assumed the mantle of the ban
and now... innocence's crashed on the tar


In this crowd of a thousand lonesome minds
you wander to and fro,
saying a welcome goodbye to alien strangers
you looked into their eyes and sensed the encounter of self

On the hard edges of history
we carved a terrain of smiles

across the vast landscape of destiny

He (for his gender)surges forth- striking, swinging
this chimeless clock'
a pendulum without form it bears,
is a holy giant snare- a faceless being

And now that
memory outnumbered sorrow
hold on still, in a morrow
whether earthen chamber is hollow

A A Umar Udubo Biography

A graduate of English and Literary Studies, bayero university, kano, Aliyu Umar ABUBAKAR hails from Udubo District, Gamawa Local Government Area of Bauchi state. A poet and a writer working on his debut novel and collection of poems, ALIYU enjoys any literary and social discourse, especially with people alien to his world view. )

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Remember the day
We confessed albeit too late
You afar through a network and I lay
In bed talking to a roommate
Remember the night we spoke
And the mental stroke
The holy silence that bound us each to each
The faint sighs, the light gasps that seemed to breach
The long night
And transplant late-lovers in broad daylight
That long sorry text message I sent
(In the long night) I spent
Still some text's missing
I feel it pressing
That rapturous moment I told a friend I die
He said: You lie
Like a holy pendulum
My love for you do flood
My veins, transmuting the blood
Making my heart drum
It's such a big joke:
When you're there my tongue was tight
Now that you're gone I spoke
In soliloquy to an audience I lack with a bragging might
God! I loved your eyes and the smiles
I loved it when you come and go away
The way you step I see across the miles
And remain under your sway
Like waves of the flowing Bahrain
Split by an invisible barrier
We become, the day they gathered in prayer
Closely apart in the world we train
When a wave snatched and dropped you off ashore
You're calm, cold, pale: unlike afore
No longer beholden, I paint your silhouette in a pool of eternal lore
(11: 54, August 23,2015)

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