Allen Keith Turner Poems

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Sorry Wait

I just want to say I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything I did
I'm sorry for what I didn't do
I'm sorry for being gone to long

Growing Up So Fast

To you little girl,
From your father.
I give my love,
To my beautiful Daughter.


You hold the key to my heart,
The choice is your when to use it.
If you choose to wait to long,
Please don't ever lose it.

My Loving Wife

My friend, my love, light of my life
I am so lucky you are my wife.
U came to me in my darkest day
Like a light shining, Showing me the way.

For All (My) Daughters

Most of life is fun & games
Happy times without the pain.
My little girl, I don't know what to do
I've noticed you're a young woman, I'm sure the boys noticed to.

Missing You

My beautiful daughter, where did the time go?
I have been missing you alot & I do love you so.
In & out of your life, I just want to say,
If you give me a chance, I am here to stay.

Worst Dad

So you think your father is really really bad
Let me tell you about THE worst dad.
He's never once said 'I love you'& doesn't have time for me
The more I want to see him, the more he leaves me be.

My Last...

My last thoughts, will be of you,
And how your love, came shining through.

My last wish, to be with you,

This Lonely Road

Down this lonely road
Through life, I wander around.
Searching for someone,
Who doesn't want to be found.

I Love You & I Miss You

I love you & I miss you,
I want to see you again.
Soon we will be together,
I can't wait to hold your hand.

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