For All (My) Daughters Poem by Allen Keith Turner

For All (My) Daughters

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Most of life is fun & games
Happy times without the pain.
My little girl, I don't know what to do
I've noticed you're a young woman, I'm sure the boys noticed to.
As you get older, boys will want to play
You have to be tough & do things your way.
Wait for that special someone, that views life as you,
Not the 'HOT' guy that just wants to play & Do!
If he won't wait for you, he dosen't love you
It's true everytime.
That's when you really got to be tough,
& send him down the Line.
Saying 'I love you' Is not enough
which every boy will do.
Wait for the right one, not just anyone
Who shows love, only to you!
It's your life you hold in your hands,
make wise decisions & stick to your plans.
Not trying to tell you 'don't do what I have done'
An unexpected child Is not a game & is no fun! ! !

(To Jamie, Erika & Jessy! I love you!)

Meggie Gultiano 11 June 2007

I am really touched in this. A great father, longing for the love of his children. A touching poem from a father to his daughters.Love this, very much.Take care

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Katie 06 June 2007

wow great poem i think your a gret father and your daughters arelucky to have you kt

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Brittany Messersmith 03 May 2007

That is just beautiful! You are a great father! Your daughters will grow to be very strong!

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