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Just Graduated High School in June 2010.

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Blair Flynn 07 August 2008

I was just randomy browsing poems on the internet and I would just like to say I loved your poem! I thought that it was amazing and I didn't realize people like us could even post poem. lol. I can relate to it soo much and I'm sure that others can identify with it as well. If you would like, look at my poems but if mnot, I just wanted to say how much I liked yours.

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*drifting Away =(

Haven’t heard your voice in ages
It’s almost as if my body aches
Missing you actually almost hurts
When I think I about it
I know that I can’t be there
For you
I try to reach you
But it’s just not enough
I’m scared, holding on best I can
Afraid that our love is drifting away

Your gift, I hold here in my hand
I read what I wrote
The words that are said
The meaning behind and through
I hope you can see
Then again, I think
Maybe I should let you go
I’m scared, slipping through my hands
Our love just may be drifting away

I know that if I let go
I’ll hurt you
I don’t want that, I hope you know
If I were ever to let you go
I’d be shattered too
At that point there’d be no one to catch me
When I think about it, about us
I simply get scared
Is our love drifting away?

January 14,2009

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Allysyn Bryant Popularity

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