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The black freezes solid
hard as ice
Time stops
Motionless I stand

Sleep never comes for her
not anymore
her mind runs
, , like an old clock, ,

A friend of mine, ,
my friend of best.
We are to each other
a wall to lean on

She can't feel her legs
, , anymore, ,
She knows they're moving
as fast as they can

If the walls could speak
what would they say?

Would they tell how many tears you cried

Her lungs ache
from being so close
to her flaming heart
her breath comes

The happy ending
she was convinced was finally hers
once so strong, so sure
now wobbles, threatens to fall

Tears, crystal, fall, drip
A dropp of wordless poems
down your cheeks
into my heart

Promises of future dreams
made, , planned
little facts, insignificant
made to look like diamonds

gifts, , to the mind, ,
tortured reminders, , to the heart, ,
Her love for him

15 years of...
lock up
lack of freedom
no choice

The loss of a loved one
hard to bare
but even harder for her
The death, , so intensely burning her heart

All her life, ,
she trusted, , too easily, ,
fell, , too fast, ,
and was left broken, , too many times, ,

One girl, , one life
even in less then -two- years
all that has changed
not notieceable at the time


What has she done?

Looking down at the ground
she doesn't understand

Alone, , she was, ,
sick, , in pain, , isolated
with every intake of breath
she had to force the air through her throat

He wants her
to not be her
to give up
the black hair

One man, , there since birth, ,
his heart beat, , her lullaby, ,
his smile, , her reward
her life, , his world


seemingly perfect

new to the world,
everyday sites turned strange to new eyes
absorbing the world around her
she looks, watches, learns

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Black Actions

The black freezes solid
hard as ice
Time stops
Motionless I stand
Enveloped by the crystalic rain
Forced to face the RIOT
I myself have become
things my mind never imagined
have become all too Real
My skin, , tainted with past memories
and of what is yet to come, ,
tingles and forever more longs for your presence
never will i or want to break this addiction
your burning venom pierces my flesh
, , fills my veins, ,
in the mirror i reflect an image
i dont recognize myself
you have overcome me
a slave i have become
no longer does pure breath pass through my lungs
, , corrupted, ,
i am
and i find you
forever lingering
beneath the surface
changing me, morphing me
with your...
Black Actions

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Nirdosh Kumar 14 April 2010

your poem is really deep, you are really a good poet. Endless is a deep & great poem also .

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Nirdosh Kumar 10 April 2010

Dear Alyssa your poem A friend of mine, , my friend of best is a really beautiful poem. You are very close to your family, it is great. i think you will be so sweet like your poem.

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